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SaLuSa 20 February 2015

For some time now the energy of the higher realms has had more influence, and a greater part to play in your lives. It will gradually increase as the new and old energies become more clearly defined. It is transmuting more of the lower energies, and thus taking away their ability to hold back the progress of the Light. Indeed, as you might say, the corner has been turned and nothing but success lies ahead. Meantime it may seem no different to you in many respects, but positive changes are taking place all over your world. The old separatist ways are no longer acceptable, and people are waking up to the fact that as one Human Race you should be working together for the good of all. For too long those with vested interests to keep you competing with each other, have been able to perpetuate the feeling of individualism rather than mutual co-operation. However, you the people are waking up and realising that as One Race, it is in your interests to work for each other. We do notice that where major issues are concerned you readily come together, and present a powerful united force for good.