Part 11 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 16, 2014

At Unity of Sedona

: I am sensing we’re getting near to the end. Is there one final question before we close?


Question: What is the spiritual purpose of this existence?


Mary Magdalene: It is to know God, always. You have endless possibilities for getting distracted from that. As you grow, those possibilities will have less and less hold on you, and you will be growing bigger and bigger, more and more magnificent yourself. At some point, you will realize the God you have sought is yourself and also everything else.


It is a little bit like your story of The Wizard of Oz. There was great wisdom in that. But it is not something that can be held as an idea. It is only something that can be achieved through your experience and being-ness. When it happens, you will know the difference.


Questioner: Thank you very much.


Mary Magdalene: You are most welcome.


Now I thank all of you. Please know that I love you immensely, as do so many beings, as does God, always. I close with sending you my love from my heart, my soul, and my being.


In fullest blessings, I leave you now.

I AM Mary Magdalene


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