The »unknown benefactor« has assisted in funding a few and good things have been done. Navajo elders have received heating generators to harsh winter and a certain non-profit organization has received funds which would help constructing a greenhouse dome which will grow free food for the hungry.

Many project proposals have been received, but only about 10% of them can really improve the timeline for this planet. However, many good projects and some of them are presented on this website:
It time now to widen our horizons. There are good projects out there that can really change the of this planet. We to go beyond the old cliche all the good guys are poor and all the bad guys have the money. There are tens of thousands people reading this blog daily, and according to statistics, about a hundred of them are millionaires and of them has tens of millions:
If any of those people would like to assist in funding the best projects, they can contact me at
We have a bright future ahead:
We can be passive bystanders or active creators of this future.
The choice is ours.
The Breakthrough is near!