Falcon 9 Carrying DSCOVR to L1
Image of Earth taken by a Falcon 9 rocket

Excerpt from news.discovery.com

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket made its first foray into deep space this week, depositing a U.S. space weather satellite into an orbit that eventually will reach more than four farther away than the moon.

The rocket’s upper-stage deposited the Deep Space Climate Observatory, nicknamed DSCOVR, into an orbit that stretched more than 770,000 miles from Earth. From , DSCOVR will spend the next 110 days getting itself into its operational orbit 930,000 miles from Earth and circling .

A aboard the upper-stage shared the view. More pictures will be from DSCOVR. Though its main mission is to the sun for potentially dangerous geomagnetic storms, the satellite has a camera that will be pointed to the sun-lit side of Earth. Pictures will be taken every two hours and posted on the the following .