Falcon 9 Carrying DSCOVR to L1
of Earth taken by a Falcon 9 rocket

Excerpt from news.discovery.com

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket made its first foray into deep space this , depositing a U.S. space weather into an orbit that eventually will more than four times farther away than the .

The rocket’s -stage deposited the Deep Space Climate Observatory, nicknamed DSCOVR, into an initial orbit that stretched more than 770,000 miles from Earth. From there, DSCOVR will spend the next 110 days getting itself into its operational orbit 930,000 miles from Earth and circling the sun.

A camera aboard the upper-stage shared the view. More pictures will be from DSCOVR. Though its main mission to the sun for potentially geomagnetic storms, the satellite has a camera that will be pointed to the sun-lit side of Earth. Pictures will be taken every two hours and posted on the Internet the following day.