Sit back and relax while checking out this amazing compilation of ancient history videos!  Which ones are your favorites?  Which videos would you include on this list?

Ancient Drugs’ – Full Film (40:41)

‘Astrobiology’ – Full Film (44:24)

‘Decoding the Past’: Doomsday 2012 The End of Days (3:17)

‘First-Born’ – Full Film (45:35)

‘Jesus in Kashmir’: Documentary Film Made by the Government of India (53:02)

‘Lost Ark of the Covenant’ – Full Documentary (44:46)

‘Roadmap to Apartheid’ – Trailer (3:37)

‘Surprising History of Egypt’ (49:20)

‘Symbolism in Logos’ – RedIceTV (1:04:23)

‘The History of the Devil’ – Full Film (52:28)

‘The Secrets of Scientology’ – Full Film (59:08)

‘The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard’ (1968) – Full(25:59)

‘The Truth of Troy’ – Full Documentary (48:55)

‘Trance-Formation’ – Full Film (1:37:06)

‘Zombies: A Living History’ – Full Documentary (1:27:20)

12,000-Year-Old Stone Structures (9:26)

8 US Soldiers Disappear Removing 5,000 Year Old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave (33:31)

Aliens and the Creation of Man (44:10)

Amateur Discovery of Perfect Submerged Pyramid off the Azores: Media Noticeably Silent (6:49)

Ambassadors of the Jungle – Full Documentary (52:12)

Ancient Aliens: The Visitors (1:27:58)

Ancient Aliens: Underwater World (43:54)

Ancient Anunnaki Cities in Africa! (1:19:13)

Ancient Apocalypse: The Maya Collapse (45:35)

Ancient Atomic Blast & War (6:04)

Ancient Computer – Full Film (49:10)

Ancient Egyptian Pop Diva Given Royal Treatment (:22)

Ancient Egyptian Statue Moves on Its Own at Manchester Museum (2:22)

Ancient Giants Existed and Here is the Proof (22:00)

Ancient Knowledge Part 1 (25:55)

Ancient Knowledge Part 2 (37:50)

Ancient Knowledge Part 3 (52:34)

Ancient Knowledge Part 4 (45:30)

Ancient Knowledge Part 4.5 (1:01:33)

Ancient Knowledge Part 5 (39:56)

Ancient Knowledge Part 5 – Preview (8:20)

Ancient Pyramid Complex Discovered 14,000 Feet Underwater (7:14)

Ancient Voices Modern World: Mongolia (50:02)

Archeology Coverups by David Hatcher Childress: Egyptian Caves – Grand Canyon (1:54:10)

Are Humans Alien Hybrids? (10:45)

Astrotheology (1:03:06)

Atlantis – Documentary (45:21)

Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of a Lost World – Full (51:12)

Bases 16 Eva Part One (48:21)

Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (1:53:54)

Being PRESENT: Reflections on Presence from Ancient Cultures by Lisa Kristine (20:23)

Bigfoot In China – Documentary (44:56)

Birth Images from Ancient Times (4:23)

Bosnia Pyramid Carbon Dated at 25 Thousand Years Old(2:34)

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story – the Making of the Models (2:56)

David Icke: The Lion Sleeps No More – Part 2 of 4(1:06:35)

Did Ancient Egyptians & Mesopotamians Have Electricity?(11:12)

EM Fields Above Bosnian Pyramids (3:36)

Enormous Cone Head of Paracas Peru: Lost Human History Revealed (5:48)

First Out of Africa: The Totally Isolated Tribe of the Andaman (49:03)

Giant Megaliths Found in Siberia Could Be Largest in the World (2:02)

Graham Hancock’s ‘Quest for the Lost Civilization’ (2:31:13)

Graham Hancock: Beyond Atlantis: Secret Advanced Technology (51:08)

Great Pyramids vs. Pumapunku (7:31)

Happy Year of the Snake: Remarkable Calligraphy (2:19)

Hidden Secrets of Money: Seven Stages of Empire (30:18)

“History is a Sham” (6:26)

Holographic Disclosure 8: An Allegory of Atlantis (38:48)

How Did Mars Lose Its Atmosphere? (2:01)

How the Celts Saved Britain – Part 1 (58:59)

How The Celts Saved Britain – Part 2 (59:01)

How to Build an Igloo (2:54)

Human (44:56)

Human Resonance: The Hummingbird Pyramid (20:17)

Illinois Pyramid: Monk’s Mound (6:16)

In Search Of: Ancient Astronauts – Narrated by Rod Serling(51:35)

India: What the Ancients Did for Us (58:01)

Interview with Brien Foerster: Unravelling the Genetics of Elongated Skulls (21:59)

Japanese Pyramids in Australian Documentary (10:46)

John Anthony West: The Invisible Science (47:32)

Latest Discovery at the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids (8:08)

Lego Antikythera Mechanism: Fully-Functioning Replica(2:57)

Lost Technologies (4:25)

Lost Worlds: Persepolis (46:24)

Love of the Ape-Man – Full (45:17)

Mass Extinction Event in North America (9:20)

Massive European Pyramids Discovered (4:20)

Michael Tellinger’s Presentation Ancient Sound Technologies(2:02:36)

Michael Tellinger: Ancient Civilizations and Free Energy(1:15:41)

Mysterious Baltic Sea Object Analyzed (2:17)

Mysterious Baltic Sea Object Disables ALL Electronic Equipment (3:33)

Mysterious Hominids from the Denisova Cave (10:36)

Naica Crystal Cave – Mexico (10:01)

Naked Science: Atlantis – Full Documentary (49:58)

Nature of Language by Jose’ Parla’ Hunt Library Raleigh, NC(5:54)

New Evidence Shows That the First Americans Were Australasian (49:12)

Our Story In 2 Minutes (2:10)

Paulina Zelitsky Discovers Structures 2,200 Feet on Ocean Floor (4:23)

Pyramid Mania Descends Upon Bosnia (20:54)

Pyramids in China (6:55)

Pyramids of ‘America’ (3:34)

Pyramids of Europe – Part 1 (15:03)

Pyramids of Europe – Part 2 (14:41)

Reptilians and Dinosauroids Among Us? (5:04)

Return of Nibiru? (46:14)

Roswell Alien Interview – Chapter 1 (15:00)

Secret 5,000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovery: Steve Quayle (33:33)

Secrets of Stonehenge (54:14)

Secrets of the Star Disk (11:53)

Sex and Punishment: 4,000 Years of Judging Desire (9:10)

SIRIUS: Park City Screening Today Latest Trailer (3:08)

Socrates on Self-Confidence (24:13)

South African ‘Stonehenge’ (1:27)

Special Report : Gobekli Tepe & Baltic Sea Mysteries(1:26:15)

Spirit Science 12: The Human History Movie (59:07)

Terry Jones’ Hidden History of Rome (50:20)

The Ape-Man’s Body (44:54)

The Archons: Alien Invaders From Space (31:43)

THE BARBARIANS: War Against The Roman Empire – Part 1 (47:39)

THE BARBARIANS: War Against The Roman Empire – Part 2 (45:18)

The Catastrophic Termination of the Last Ice Age: Robert Schoch (9:33)

The First Emperor: The Man Who Made China (1:42:26)

The Greatest Discovery in Underwater Archaeology (8:25)

The Hidden History of Mankind’s Motherland (3:25:01)

The Hittites: Narrated by Jeremy Irons (1:59:00)

The Invisible Science: The Other Egypt (58:03)

The Legend of Atlantis (3:21:50)

The Lost Pyramids of Caral, Peru (49:04)

The Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx and the Origins of Man (1:35:04)

The Myth of Scota: Pseudo-History? (3:14)

The Oldest “Known” Civilization (9:58)

The Pyramid Code (3:32:44)

The Secret World of Gold (42:35)

The Silver Pharaoh (52:25)

The Solutrean Hypothesis in North American Archaeology(1:26:18)

The Tower People of Shetland (28:58)

The True Colors of the Moon (1:13:08)

The Urban Legend that Won’t Go Away: Reptilians Run the World (7:21)

Unexplained Mysteries: This Strange Planet (42:26)

Unexplained Mystical Structures (8:20)

Whopper Virgins (7:04)

Zecharia Sitchin: Are We Alone? (55:29)

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