Galactic Consciousness, A New Frequency For Hue-Mans, 8 February 2015.

By Luminance River.

I Was More Deeply Introduced To The Dream-spell Calendar On The Winter Solstice.

I Had Previously Dismissed This Way Of Seeing And Had Been A Follower Of The Mayan Tzolkin, The Long-count For Several Years, On And Off.

I See It As An Incredible Filter In Which To See The Human Experience, And Others Can Exist Side By Side With The Tzolkin.

The Universe Loves Many Perspectives Of Experience And Ways Of Seeing.

The Dream-spell Captured My Heart And Imagination And I Allowed It To In, And Am Reaping The Gifts That It Offers.

The Dream-spell, Created By Jose Arguelles, Takes Us Into Knowing Ourselves As Galactic Beings.

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