Part 2 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 19, 2014

Question: I would like to ask for some insight into a relationship where only one of the partners is interested in sacred sexuality and the other is not open to the possibility. Can you speak to that?


: There could be many reasons for this. If it’s the woman who is open to sacred sexuality and the man who isn’t, it is oftentimes due to a fear on the man’s part. He may fear that he might be loosing something that he is happy with, that he values and doesn’t want to give up. Sometimes it is a fear of trying something new and perhaps not being successful at it. So it may be a fear of trusting his competence in this new arena that’s unknown, unfamiliar. Those are the two biggest reasons in the case of men, and often in the case of women, as well.


There is much about sacred sexuality that has to do with communication, because communication is an avenue for uncovering the blocks within oneself and also in relationship. Sacred sexuality requires emotional openness as the foundation. When there is one partner wanting to do something, such as sacred sexuality, and another partner not wanting to, it generally points to a breakdown in communication. Ultimately it is never really about sacred sexuality; it is about something else. The real issue may be something you can access on your own, or you may need support to access it. You may need a third party to help both of you understand what the real issue is. Nonetheless, the issue isn’t sacred sexuality. It is something else. Does that make sense?


Questioner: Yes it does. And if the other partner is not willing to even explore or discuss this, then is it better to leave such a relationship?


Mary Magdalene: It depends how important it is to you to be engaging sacred sexuality. There are certainly aspects of sacred sexuality that you can engage whether your partner is engaging it with you or not. And there are parts that require both people to be participating if you want to bring it into your sexuality.


So it is up to you how important this is for your happiness, your wellbeing, perhaps even for your soul path. And that is something no one can decide but you.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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