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By Michelle Radcliff


The Bermuda Triangle is an area of mostly open ocean located between Bermuda, Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The unexplained disappearances of hundreds of ships and airplanes in this area has made the Bermuda Triangle one of the world’s most notorious unsolved mysteries.

Recent Aircraft and Boat Disappearances

According to Bermuda-Triangle.org, around 129 planes have disappeared over the waters in the Bermuda Triangle between 1945 and 2008. After 2008, documented cases of unexplained aircraft disappearances in the area simply seem to stop, which deepens the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle even more. Detailed information about aircraft disappearances that occurred during World War II and shortly afterward can be found from numerous sources, as these events have become legendary in the unexplained and paranormal world.

However, reports on recent unexplained aircraft disappearances are much harder to find, possibly because of advances in modern technology. The three most recent include:

  • 2005– June 20, a Piper PA- 23 vanished between Treasure Cay, Bahamas and Ft Pierce, Florida with three people aboard
  • 2007– April 10, a Piper PA- 46-310P disappeared near Berry Islands with only the pilot on board
  • 2008– December 15, a Britten Norman Islander vanished near the Windward Islands with 11 passengers aboard

Not all disappearances are related to mysterious circumstances, but the number is staggering when you calculate the odds of so many aircraft and ships disappearing in a specific region. Obviously, a percentage would be due to engine failures, squalls and other sudden storms.

  • June 18, 2003 – Frank and Romina Leone left Boynton Beach Inlet, Florida in their 16-foot boat for a day excursion. They and their boat were never found. The couple was fondly remembered in a June 24, 2003, SunSentinel that reports Romina was to her first fishing trip on the boat with her husband, Frank. The Leones launched their boat on a Wednesday afternoon and when the young couple failed to show up at each of their jobs in West Palm Beach in the next couple of days, coworkers, friends and family feared the worst. The Coast launched a rescue mission Friday morning, which covered over 35,700 square miles from Miami to Savannah, Georgia before it was called off around 6 pm the following Monday.
  • October-November, 2003 – A fishing boat with the tragically ironic name of “What’s Left” was found capsized on a beach near Cape Canaveral. In an article published by NaplesNews., human remains found on the boat were believed to be one of the missing boaters: Gary Lisk, 61, Neil Eddleman, 47 and son, Neil Allen Eddleman, 13, who left on October 17 for a day fishing trip. The wreckage washed up 527 miles away from where the trio had launched at Gordon Pass. How the boat ended up where it was found baffled authorities, who could only speculate that the boat may have been caught in the Atlantic Gulf Stream, a slow moving current that travels up the eastern U.S. coast.
  • March 23, 2004 – A 19-foot fishing boat owned by 40-year-old fishing enthusiast Glen Jamison left Hudson, Florida around 4 am Sunday, and was scheduled to return that night. The boat was discovered 32 miles west of Egmont Key, Florida, but Jamison was missing. According to the St. Petersburg Times, although Jamison loved to fish he could not swim at all. When the boat was found, the engine was tilted up with fishing line wrapped around the propeller. A nearby knife led family members and authorities to the conclusion that Jamison had been trying to cut the fishing line off of the propeller when he fell overboard.

Mysterious Problems and Calls

In posts appearing on both World Mysteries, a blog dedicated to unsolved mysteries and DiscloseTV, a news hub dedicated to unexplained phenomena, passengers on large, modern aircraft may be counting their blessings as survivors who just escaped being caught in the Triangle’s spooky web:

  • March 26, 2001 – ComAir flight 5054 shook up passengers on a flight from Nassau to Orlando, when the plane began rolling from side to side and went into a deep dive. The plane managed to land safely in West Palm Beach but sustained serious damage to key tail components. Problems began when ice started to cover the windshield, the right engine, and right wing. Although the crew reacted quickly by turning on the plane’s anti-icing system at the highest level, the plane began to roll and then dive. Important flight instruments also began to fail at this time.
  • Cary Gordon Trantham's Piper Warrior
    Cary Gordon Trantham’s Piper Warrior

    1995 – Cary Gordon Trantham had a close call as a pilot of a small, private Piper Warrior when she was returning home after spending time with her daughter in the Florida Keys. While flying over the open water at night, she suddenly felt as if a dark blanket of fog had been thrown over her plane. The horizon disappeared and she couldn’t see lights of any kind, just total blackness. At this point, a pilot can only rely on the plane’s instruments to keep it level and at a safe altitude. Unfortunately, the compass had gone erratic, the panel lights were fluctuating from dim to bright, the altitude indicator began to roll and there was a buzzing sound in her headset. You can find out how she escaped a tragic ending by visiting her website, Bermuda Triangle Survivor. Her story has been featured on the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Syfy network, and National Geographic.

Other Recent Phenomenon

Two more recent disappearances reported at Bermuda-Attractions.com continue to deepen the mystery of the Triangle. Although these disappearances happened as late as the 1990s, details are still limited.

  • 1991 – The last known contact with the pilot of a Grumman Cougar jet occurred when he made a routine radio request to increase altitude. As the aircraft flew higher into the atmosphere, It gradually faded from radar and then vanished altogether.
  • 1999 – A distress call received by a vessel sailing near a cargo freighter called the Genesis reported the ship was having problems with the bilge pump. After this call, the ship and crew were never seen or heard from again, despite intensive and ongoing searches by the Coast Guard.

Possible Reasons for the Recent Lull in Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon

A plausible theory as to why the strange phenomenon of missing vessels and aircraft has literally become a thing of the past may be the technological advances in navigation, including GPS (Global Positioning Systems). It could also be possible that the danger zone has somehow moved.

The most recent bizarre disappearance of an aircraft over the tropical waters of the Caribbean happened just of the Bermuda Triangle. “The Roques Curse,” as locals refer to it, is an area between Caracas, Venezuela and the 350 islands, cays and islets that make up the Roques island chain, where unexplained disappearances of ships and aircraft have been occurring since the 1990s. In a February, 2013 article published by the Huffington Post, acclaimed Italian fashion designer Vittorio Missoni and five companions boarded a BN-2 Islander aircraft in the Los Roques Island chain on January 4, 2013, headed for Caracas, Venezuela. After the plane had flown about 11 miles, it vanished into thin . No wreckage from the plane or bodies were ever recovered, despite hundreds of search efforts.

Determining the Truth

As the activity in the Bermuda Triangle appears to wane and eventually stop altogether in the 21st century, could the anomaly have simply shifted a few hundred miles to the south? Or is it purely a coincidence that unexplained disappearances in boat and plane traffic has almost simultaneously been on the increase in an area so close? Like most paranormal phenomenon and unsolved mysteries, the truth will a matter of one’s personal belief.