Message from Ascended Master Lord Sananda and Ascended Master Hilarion
channeled by Cindy McGonagle
April 9th, 2015

“Greetings, Spring’s energies following the eclipse will feel
a great deal calmer now as the solar flares are also less intense.
Still, there remains an undercurrent of uncertainty in the wind. Those of you who are empaths, those of you who are sensitive to other people’s vibrations will need to further clear and ground yourself at least once or twice daily by sending your breath down into the Earth and mixing it with your energies and bringing another breath from the Earth back up through your feet and out through your heart chakra as love and light.
As you do this, a calmness will flood your energetic fields of light helping you to re-establish yourself in a more grounded fashion.
During this time take a closer look at the foods you are eating and drinking and make sure they vibrate at the energetic level you wish to carry. Heavily processed foods tax the body’s system not only during digestion but also in their lack of nutritional value overall.
Educate yourself about nutrition that is correct for your body. Listen to your body and notice how it reacts when you eat certain foods. Is there enough protein for good health?

As the weather warms in the Northern Hemisphere you will be drawn to spend and share time with nature. The more you open your heart with love when you are outside, the more love nature and her Beings of Light will send in return to you. This is a beautiful timeless experience that purifies the soul and opens you to an even more magical and divine connection with the Earth where you live.
As you touch a flower or tree nature is always sharing with you at some level. Try closing your eyes for a moment as you touch a tree and just let yourself merge with the Spirit of the tree, while observing any and all pictures or sensations you receive. Speak softly to nature and listen with your heart and a new world of telepathic communication will open to you.
Children are naturals at doing this, and love to have adults join them in discovering nature’s beauty, power and wisdom.”
Ascended Master Lord Sananda

Message from Ascended Master Hilarion
channeled by Cindy McGonagle
“Sweet Ones, as you move into closer relationship with nature and your own abilities to receive telepathic messages from your Guides and Angels your lives will begin to have a greater sense of ease. This knowing you have help from the other side is quite reassuring in your daily life. Practice listening to your heart’s desires and following through with choices that are indeed for your highest good.

As you awaken to the natural world around you through your clairvoyant sight, the colors of nature heal you at a soul level if you take the time to just be and enjoy instead of always rushing around. Deadlines can and do trigger anxiety in far too many humans.
Lie down upon the Earth and send your love to the Earth if only for a few minutes each and every day. The Earth needs your love and light and instantly your physical body will become more relaxed and calm as you do this.

Typically many of you walk around throughout your day without much thought about your footsteps, but the Earth is always feeling you. Hopefully, you will take time during your day to stop and enjoy nature’s beauty all around you, by looking at the sky’s colors, the flight of a bird, or listening to the wind through the leaves of a tree, Nature calls to you to be still and listen and enjoy a peaceful moment with yourself.”

Ascended Master Hilarion
channeled by Cindy McGonagle

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