Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On February 19, 2014


[Note from Mercedes: This is a reposting of a previous blog from 2014. I’m offering it again because the information feels so timely for Easter.]


Blessings to all. This is and I come to you today in response to your question. You have asked about the meaning of the cross, and I am happy to respond to you about this.


Many associate the cross with Jesus, who I call Yeshua, and with Christianity. The cross is associated with the crucifix and with the idea that Jesus died for your sins. There is a great deal that could be said about all of this, and I will do my best to cover as much as I can.


Many of the ideas that are currently held in your time are ideas about Yeshua that have been propagated by the Christian Church. There are many reasons why these ideas have been chosen and promoted. Not all of them have to do with things that occurred during Yeshua’s life or that were a part of his teaching. It is important to remember that the Christian church didn’t completely coalesce until several centuries after Yeshua’s life, and that it has continued to develop and change since its early beginnings. The report that the church has communicated about Yeshua’s life and the meaning behind it often has had more to do with what the church leaders were interested in than what actually occurred, or what Yeshua was teaching and wanted people to understand and receive.


I say all this because I think it is essential to put the idea of the cross in perspective. And all of this is true not only in relation to the cross, but to every aspect of Yeshua’s life and teaching. Much of what occurred and much of what he taught and wanted to transmit to people has been changed or lost over time. Because of this, you must be discerning as to what you believe and accept. Where did the ideas about Yeshua that you’ve heard come from? How do you know they are valid? How do the ideas feel to you? Do they support light and love within you? How do the people feel to you who are embracing and promoting those ideas? Do they feel full of light and love?


Remember that your feeling-sense is a much better barometer of truth than your mind. Do not be fooled by ideas if the feelings accompanying them do not uplift you. You must learn to exercise and grow your feeling-based discernment as a powerful tool for determining what is supportive to let in and what is better to discard.


Now, having laid that foundation of understanding for the context in which this is to be understood, I return to the original question about the meaning of the cross. The cross has been a symbol of many things since ancient times, long before the life of Yeshua and his crucifixion. This is why you will find it in other traditions and cultures, including those that pre-date Yeshua’s incarnation on Earth. It is a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth, or more accurately, between the divine in it’s transcendent form and manifestation on Earth. The top of the cross represents connection with the divine and the bottom of the cross represents connection with manifestion in the form of the Earth and the physical third-dimensional plane. The horizantal part of the cross represents human beings as the pivotal form on the Earth manifesting the union of the divine with third-dimensional matter.


The cross can also be seen as a representation of a human being, with the top part being the head, the horizontal part being the arms and hands, the lower part being the legs and feet, and the intersection of the vertical and horizontal being the heart. In this representation, the heart is shown to be central, that which brings everything together and out of which everything emanates. The centrality and importance of the heart was a foundational principle that underlay Yeshua’s teaching.


In your world today, the majority of people have become imbalanced with living predominantly in their head and being disconnected from and out of touch with their heart. This is a cause of a great deal of the problems you experience in your world. If you were to come back into balance and harmony with the heart being central and primary, many of your problems would be solved. Thus, this simple symbol of the cross holds a great secret for you in your present time as to what is before you to do in order to move forward spiritually.


Relative to the crucifixion, when Yeshua was crucified, there was more than one thing that was taking place. On one level, there were those in the religious institutions of the times who wanted to eliminate Yeshua, because he was challenging their structure. He wanted people to know God as love and compassion and forgiveness, and to realize their direct connection with God. This was different from what was being put forth through the Jewish temple at that time, which presented a fierce God of punishment and required people to follow many rules and institutionalized practices in order to stay in God’s graces. Those in power did not welcome the changes Yeshua was bringing, as it threatened their power and position. So there were those within the religious institutions of the times who wanted him eliminated.


There were also those within the political system and structure who were threatened by Yeshua, especially as people started to relate to him as a king, or “king of the Jews.” There was nervousness amongst the political leaders and authorities that Yeshua would revolt against the secular government and powers. There were those amongst the Jews who wanted this and hoped that Yeshua had come to lead that kind of uprising and revolt. But that was not Yeshua’s mission or interest. He had come to show people the way of bonding with a loving God, and to be that bridge for people.


The crucifixion had another significance and role. This had to do with the popular hope amongst the Jews that a messiah would appear and deliver them spiritually from a long time of being downtrodden. This was different from the hope of those who wanted a political revolution. This was a spiritual emancipation into more blessed times. This belief was intertwined with the religious stories and mythologies of the time, many of which involved a divine ruler who died and was reborn. Through that rebirth, the blessings of the divine were brought to the people. This is a very pervasive spiritual story that can be found in many cultures. Perhaps the most prevalent at Yeshua’s time was the story of Osiris dying and being brought back to life through his wife and queen, Isis. There was an expectation in the consciousness of many people at the time that a messiah would manifest in this form. Accordingly, part of the purpose of the crucifixion was to fulfill this expectation, so that ordinary people could accept the teachings of Yeshua as true and take them in. Through fulfilling that expectation, people were able to open to Yeshua and accept him as a divine being.


The most important reason for the crucifixion, however, has largely been kept secret from people. The crucifixion was a profound process for bringing light to the Earth and implanting it within the Earth. At the time of Yeshua’s incarnation, the level of light on Earth had reached an all-time low. If the trajectory into darkness was to continue, it was likely that the Earth would not survive. Yeshua incarnated on Earth to change that. Through his own incarnation as an extremely high being of light, and through his incarnating in human form, he was able to bring a tremendous amount of light into the Earth plane. His teaching was primarily directed at instructing people how they could similarly manifest and increase the light themselves, so that the process could continue to grow through others.


Yeshua’s exoteric teaching was a very simple form of this process of increasing the light, but nonetheless very real and effective, if people truly practiced it. In essence it was all about love and the power of love. His simplest instruction – to love God with all your heart and to love everyone as yourself – was truly sufficient to continue this process of anchoring light on the Earth. There was also an esoteric teaching, for those who were ready, with more specific practices for how to do this. Those of the Essene community were especially prepared to receive and participate at this level with Yeshua, but there were others, too.


A part of the process of anchoring light into the Earth that Yeshua came to perform, was the crucifixion. This was understood by those in the inner circle around Yeshua. He knew it and we knew it. It involved him sacrificing his life-energy in a tremendous feat of spiritual work. In the crucifixion, the cross became a grid of divine energy being brought into the Earth, something like the way a tree brings the energy of light down through its extremities above the ground, going down into the Earth through its roots. It was Yeshua’s life-energy that activated this circuitry and turned the cross into a spiritual grid and conductor for divine energy to flow into the Earth and be received by the Earth. It was a literal saving of the Earth herself as a living form, charging her up like a battery with God’s light. And it changed the course of your history in Earth. It was the turning point for the return of light into your world. It has been gradual but continuous since then, and today many of you are waking up to it.


This is the true event and meaning of Easter. It was the rebirth of Earth, a literal rebirth, at profound and very high levels of spiritual transformation.


It is not accurate that “Yeshua died for your sins” in the sense that you are evil, bad, wrong, damned, or anything like that. It is also not true that the acts of another can mitigate or remove your karma, or responsibility for your spiritual path. Each soul is responsible for themselves and their own spiritual path and results. However, if you were to interpret “sin” as separation from the light, then there is an element of truth in the expression that “Yeshua died for your sins.” For he chose to give his life to perform this huge transformational act of returning the Earth to a sufficiently high quotient of light.


And so, to return to your original question, the cross is ultimately a symbol for the infusion of God’s light into the Earth, the uniting of God and matter. Yeshua was that manifestation in human form, and through his choice to undergo the crucifixion, he brought that same light into the Earth herself, to store it and share it freely with all beings of the Earth.


This is part of why it is such a tragedy that so many are choosing to damage and even destroy the Earth at this time. That must be stopped and reversed, for the Earth is your source of physical as well as spiritual sustenance, because of the light that Yeshua infused Her with. You must make amends for the way that you are treating the Earth, and truly come to revere her and care for her as your most immediate spiritual source. For so she is. It is part of the return to loving the Feminine that is so necessary at this time.


Yeshua was a great lover of the Feminine. He understood and honored and loved the Feminine. Of this, I can attest. I received his love in limitless forms and amounts. And it was not limited to me. Yeshua’s love was boundless and given freely to all. He loved without limit of any kind. And he bequeathed his love to everyone through his love of the Earth, and his spiritual endowment of that love into the Earth. It is there for all in this time as well, waiting for you to receive and continue the process of raising the light on Earth. Those of you who are reading this are surely called to this purpose and are already on that path. My hope is that these words and explanation may help you to continue and go further in that process.


With great love,

I AM Mary Magdalene


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