When only my name recollected, I always protect all ,
I, O Saviour, shall ferry them across the great flood of their manifold fears.
Therefore the great Seers sing of me in under the name of Taaraa.

Well- of the holy Actions of all universal
Conquerors! Supreme Refuge of all the three
Realms’ Beings! Venerable Treasure of Compassion-
I bow at Your lotus feet, Taara, Mother of Conquerors.

The Music of the stars is mine, and the melody o’the moon.
Oh do you not them singing to you in the silence of the

with manifold trees and creepers, resounding with the sound of many birds,
And with murmur of waterfalls, thronged with wild beasts of many kinds;
Many species of flowers grow everywhere.

Here there is no , there is no woman,
No , no person, and no consciousness.
Labelling ‘male’ or ‘’ has no essence,
But deceives the evil-minded world.
And she made the following vow:
There are many who Enlightenment
in a man’s body, but none who work for the
benefit of sentient beings in the body of a
woman. Therefore, until samsaara is empty, I
shall work for the benefit of sentient beings
in a woman’s body.

Be blessed,Love to All