After a long week, there’s nothing better than a healthy dose of cuteness. 

Inspired by the sweet moment when TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie’s , Vale, first met Wrangler in the Orange Room, we asked members of our parenting to send us of their own babies meeting the for the first time.

Samantha Okazaki Samantha Okazaki

And the were, as you might expect, unbelievably adorable. They include many unsuspecting, occasionally unconscious tots, a few doting dogs, and some oh-so-curious kitties, too.
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And for tips on how to safely introduce your family pet to the new baby, check out this helpful advice from the Humane Society of the United .
1. The Lick of

Mykela Bivins Mykela Bivins

2. What’s This?

Karrisa Fabin Karrisa Fabin

3. Happy Together

Elise Waldman Elise Waldman

4. The Protector

Sandra Horn Sandra Horn

5. I’ll Stay By Your Side

Nicole Desrochers Nicole Desrochers

6. Curious Kitty

Liz Lee Liz Lee

7. The Old Dog and the Newborn

Ashley Piatt Ashley Piatt

8. Seeing What All the Fuss Is About

Laura Brink Kuhlenbeck Laura Brink Kuhlenbeck

9. Checking Out the New Guy

Carey Doty Carey Doty

10. Two is Better Than One

Kara Marianetti Elum Kara Marianetti Elum

11. Matching Collars and Baby Blankets

Rebecca Diane Rebecca Diane

12. Puppy Cuddles

Stephanie Cryer Stephanie Cryer

13. How Sweet It Is

Laura Outwater Brauer Laura Outwater Brauer

14. Snuggled Up

Stephanie Harkness Miller Stephanie Harkness Miller

15. Quick Conference

Courtnee McGrew Courtnee McGrew

16. What’s This?

Jen Blanchard Jen Blanchard

17. Nap

Trista Larson Trista Larson

18. The Fluffiest Pillow

Nicole Desrochers Nicole Desrochers

19. Thorough Inspection

Kris Kirwan Kris Kirwan

20. Friends Forever

Gretchen Arnold Gretchen Arnold

21. Snoozin’

Rachel Markey Rachel Markey

22. Then and Now

Amy Girouard Amy Girouard