I would like to a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for visiting Ascension Earth over the past few years and making this site, what I consider, such a wonderful and very surprising since my first post way back in January of 2011. I never dreamed this site would receive 30 views since then, and I want to thank you all again for stopping in from time to time for a visit. I you have found some of the content interesting as well as educational, and I want everyone to know that I only content I believed to be factual at the time of publication, though I may have reached differing understandings concerning some of the subject matter as time has past. All of the content that has been shared here at Ascension Earth was shared with the goal of provoking contemplation and conversation, to a of consciousness, an ascension of consciousness. That’ what ascension is to me.

I have made a decision to move on from here, but I will always remember and always cherish the friendships I have made along this twisting journey since launching this site, what feels like a ago now. I wish all of you the greatest success in each and every you shall undertake, and I hope each of you are graced with peace, love & light every step of the way as you continue your never ending journey through this incredibly breathtaking and ever mysterious universe we share together.