Sirian Mothership 30 April 2015.

A vast display is being put on your world that everything is the same and all is business as usual, which is very captivating, but you are asked to listen closely as the undertone shows the full scope and breadth of all that is really going on. We are looking out for your well-being and are on hand to guide and teach with a gentle tone, and have put the agendas of Dark Cabal in check. The dark have become careless in their resistance to going along with the positive changes. They have been left in bewilderment, their last resort is to play the differences of people against each other. However you can let your discernment flower into seeing all people whatever race, religion, sexual preference, social status, political views, etc. with a new innocence and purity. This can fertilize an age of love and ground divine feminine aspect into your culture.