aphrodite by William adolphe bouguereau

Part 7 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 19, 2014

Questioner: I want to understand about incorporating our sexuality into our spirituality, because I love it. Isn’t that just totally the third dimension, because it’s our body and it’s so enjoyable?


: Oh no. (She laughs.) Your sexuality is your body, but it is also your energy. If there were no energy, if it was simply your bodies, you wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s the energy that lights you up, that gives you pleasure. Energy is what you’re experiencing.


As you ascend—as more and more your higher-dimensional experience becomes where you are centered and what you are experiencing—you will be more and more having an energetic experience, and less and less a physical experience. This is what many are afraid of, because they don’t have the experience of how exponentially more wonderful that is.


It comes in the perfect timing, when the being is ready to open to that.


Is that helpful?


Questioner: Yes, it affirms that I don’t have to be afraid that I’m stuck in the third dimension by enjoying sexuality. I think part of the stigma of the world, of this Earth, is that somehow sexuality is…


Mary Magdalene: Lower?


Questioner: Lower, exactly.


Mary Magdalene: Right there with women. (She laughs.)


Questioner: Yes, right. It’s demeaned, when it should be honored.


Mary Magdalene: Because it is so powerful.


Questioner: Because it’s so powerful! It’s the power that runs the world. Yet they want to just squish it.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. That is our Feminine power.


Questioner: I see. And everyone is terrified of it… especially men!


Mary Magdalene: And many women, too, because the women have received the same indoctrination.


Questioner: Right. “Don’t go there.”


So that’s why it’s now becoming sacred.


Mary Magdalene: It’s always been sacred. (She laughs.) But more and more people are now ready to engage it in that form.


Questioner: It’s always been—it’s just a recognition.


Mary Magdalene: And an embrace, a choosing.


Questioner: Due to things like Playboy magazine and prostitution, I think a lot of men have been exposed to the very negative side of sexuality.


Mary Magdalene: It’s the very Masculine side, when it’s cut off from the Feminine.


Questioner: Emotion?


Mary Magdalene: Emotion… and also the heart, softness, opening… and the Feminine needs of love, safety, stability, being lovingly held and protected, home… all of the Feminine parts of ourselves. So it’s the Masculine version of being engaged in sexuality, without the Feminine.


Questioner: Without the caring, compassion, home, love—just the enjoyment part. And then they just throw everything else away, and they separate things into, “This is OK and that is not OK.”


Mary Magdalene: What is OK and what’s not OK?


Questioner: The woman in Playboy magazine is never to be respected. However, she could be married and have children.


Mary Magdalene: But that would probably take away from the Masculine-only version of sexuality. (Laughing.)


Questioner: Right. So she’s a toy, and this one is OK because she’s my wife.


Mary Magdalene: I’m not exactly clear.


Questioner: Some men perceive females in a negative way, like their mom is OK, but someone who is in Playboy magazine is not.


Mary Magdalene: It is basically their relationship to their own sexuality, because they don’t see their mother as a sexual being, just as was done to Mother Mary. She was completely removed from her sexuality.


If men are not embracing their own sexuality fully, then they project that part of their sexuality onto another woman, and they both desire her and disdain her at the same time.


Questioner: Why the disdain?


Mary Magdalene: Because they’ve rejected their own Feminine side, so it is projected onto the woman.


Questioner: That is shifting now, isn’t it?


Mary Magdalene: It needs to shift, absolutely. And women need to help. Women need to guide. Women need to be the leaders. Women need to show what strong, soft, beautiful, loving Femininity and sexuality is, and to guide the men into opening to that.


They’ll follow. (Everyone laughs.)


Questioner: Cool!


Mary Magdalene: Yes. But for that to happen, women need to stop being “the man.” They need to become “the woman.”


Questioner: Right. To survive in the man’s world, a lot of the women have just become men, which is kind of sad. I’ve seen it a number of times.


Mary Magdalene: Most women have done this.


Questioner: Most women, including me?


Mary Magdalene: There are probably parts of yourself in which you’ve done that. Most women have vestiges, where they don’t even realize it, of having adapted to survive in a man’s world.


But more and more women are awakening to their Femininity and bringing that forth. You are the leaders who will help other women to do this.


Questioner: Right.


I love to be a girly girl. I love that!


Mary Magdalene: Yes, that’s one of your strengths.


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