Alien or mummy? A screenshot of of the 2 slides which have not yet been released to the public.

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Two photographs of a “ alien” were unveiled at a big money event last night – and immediately dismissed as fake.

A series of ‘UFOlogists’ appeared at the Be Witness meeting last night to reveal images of an who supposedly crashed to Earth during the infamous Roswell incident in 1947.

The images were found by former journalist Adam Dew, who reportedly turned down interviews magazines that wanted to cover the story because “they were not offering any compensation”.

Alien or mummy? A screenshot of the slide, which has not been released

He claimed to have taken steps to verify the pair of alien snaps and said Kodak experts had dated the film to 1947.

But the rest of the world has not had the chance to test the rigour of his methods, because high resolution images of the alien are not yet available.

They are likely to be sold through his production company Dew Media alongside a documentary about the discovery of the slides.
The photos were supposedly found in , hidden in a of snaps owned by oil geologist Bernard Ray and his wife Hilda Ray, who have both died.

Nick Pope, a researcher who headed up a UFO investigation wing at the UK Ministry of Defence, told Mirror Online he was “underwhelmed”.

“It could be a , or it could simply be a fake image, dressed up to look like a Forties slide,” he said.

“The motivations for hoaxing are complex. Some hoaxes are money-making scams, but sometimes it’s just a desire to say ‘we fooled the world’.

“I can understand why the UFO community is disappointed and conspiracy theorists are probably already claiming the whole thing was a government plot, designed to discredit the and
make it look ridiculous.”

After the photographs were , UFO spotters immediately took to Twitter to screenshots of the snaps using the hashtag “#BeDisappointed”.

 Official trailer for the pay-per-view event