Living the ‘’ American Dream

In the days and on into the years ahead, you not be able to get through a day without being subjected to an array of media articles, television shows, and all types of advertising for tiny houses, an alleged organically visioned and realized concept, created in the hearts and minds of sustainability advocates and supporters of the green movement. Tiny houses, if you are not yet aware, are -standing single family homes that are no larger than most bedrooms in an average American home. The idea is to downsize, save space, consume and pollute less. In other words, live a green existence. 

A tiny house family gathered for dinner in their dining room, living room, bedroom and kitchen.

What really behind this ‘organically’ created movement, is an agenda by those whose shoe closets dwarf the largest tiny house    to move you and your family into quarters more suitable to them and their twisted vision of a future Earth. (See Agenda 21). The ruling class, in a monumental case of the the kettle black, has convened, has discussed, and has decided that you and yours have far more than you need and it is time you moved your kin and all your belongings into a house roughly 150 square feet in size – not that you need all that space, though one must think ahead to the holidays and family get-to-togethers. For larger families, these world managers show a side of generosity and compassion, designing for you and your growing family a sprawling floor plan of up to 200, even, do we dare, 220 square feet.   

Tiny houses with giant price tags

Thinking about saving some by squeezing more out of your meager earnings and squeezing your family into a shoebox mother goose would have envied? Think again. Those few who most ’t getting richer every hour of the day by giving anything away. (Now think ‘sustainability’. Are you getting the real meaning of this term they entered into the vernacular?) Some models of the tiny house variety start at a very un-tiny $33,000, and that’s not counting the tiny piece of property you will be paying a giant price to drop your flyweight house on. 
Resist the onslaught of advertising and propaganda coming your way. Tell the elitist world planners no! I will not live in your tiny house on your speck of land. I deserve more! My family deserves more! I’ve got my eyes on one of those old shipping containers to move my family into anyway. Wait a tick… do you think those crafty world planners are behind that craze too? Hmm…    

Greg Giles