Original Article at Melanoid Nation

In recent years, there has been very insightful and in-depth analysis among the brightest minds of Black Society involving the legend which has now become ‘Black Wall Street’. The dialogues now include yet another element to them that has sparked the interests of countless Melanoid people throughout the U.S., and beyond: Where should the next “Black Wall Street” be?

If there has been one question alone that has created a conversational wildfire in Black Society, it’s the question of where “Black Wall Street” should make its new home. Should the new “Black Wall Street” take residence in Atlanta, with its Black mayor, countless Black millionaires, entrepreneurs, and its recently-created reputation of “Black Hollywood“? Should it be rooted in Chicago, the midwestern City that was founded by a Black man, and  the same city where the Nation Of Islam is based? What about Detroit, the largest city in Michigan with a majority Black population that once served as an incubator to some of the greatest music ever created (by Melanoid people nonetheless) by the Brothers and Sisters at Motown?

All of the previous questions are not only great questions to ask and consider, but they also happen to all be the correct answers. The answer is that all of the cities mentioned above–in addition to any other city of Melanoid people willing to create their own Black economic base–should  have a new “Black Wall Street“. With the militaristic attacks executed by the hands of white supremacists during the early 20th century to destroy the original “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, OK, it’s a safe assumption to acknowledge that  building new “Black Wall STREETS” in as many cities inhabited by Melanoid people as possible is the best option at this point..

The following video clip is a trailer to an upcoming film which shows the importance of building multiple “Black Wall Street” districts to avoid being easily isolated for destruction at the hands of white supremacists once again.