by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Suzanne Hansen, Founding Director of UFOCUS NZ Research Network (New Zealand) publicly reveals the unique and compelling history of how she first met the soul of her son aboard a Grey ET spacecraft when she was only 8 years old and her son appeared as a “Ball of Light.”

In her interview, Ms. Hansen reveals that later in her life, after she was married and pregnant with her son, she was taken aboard a Grey ET spacecraft, where she met her son’s soul once more as “a Ball of Light.”  On this occasion, her son’s Soul was inserted into her womb and her son’s body in a procedure by the Grey ETs, who also gave her deep information about the future positive social role her son would play on Earth.  Throughout her life, Ms. Hansen states, her experiences with the Grey ETs were “transformational, purposeful, and positive.”

ExopoliticsTV interview with Suzanne Hansen: Grey ETs & the human soul

Corroborated by alien abduction expert Mary Rodwell, RN

Suzanne Hansen’s account is corroborated by Mary Rodwell, RN, who led Ms. Hansen through hypnotic regression sessions designed to help her recover her memories of her life-long experiences around her son’s Soul aboard Grey ET spacecraft.

Ms. Rodwell is “a world leader in alien abduction counseling.  Mary Rodwell was featured in anSBS documentary alongside her son – a self-confessed UFO skeptic.  Mary, a former nurse and midwife and clinical hypnotherapist founded ACERN in 1997 and has since investigated over 1600 cases of ET encounters worldwide. ACERN helps alien abduction victims deal with their traumas with the support of qualified medical doctors, psychologists and therapists.

“In the documentary My Mum Talks to Aliens, aired nationally in Australia, Mary Rodwell and her son are followed on their journey of discovery as they travel the country in pursuit of solid evidence of an alien presence on Earth.

“’I believe these advanced intelligences have been visiting this planet since the dawn of time, and I believe they’re here to assist evolution to another level,’ Ms. Rodwell said.”

View alien abduction expert Mary Rodwell, RN’s ExopoliticsTV corroborating interview

Readers can view alien abduction expert Mary Rodwell, RN’s ExopoliticsTV interview corroborating Suzanne Hansen’s experiences with Soul interactions on board Grey ET craft in this video.

Suzanne Hansen’s credibility as a UFO expert and activist

Suzanne Hansen has been a powerful and effective force in bringing about UFO and extraterrestrial disclosure in New Zealand.  She is credited with helping bring about the recent disclosure of secret UFO and extraterrestrial files by the Defence Force of New Zealand onWednesday, December 22, 2010.  The New Zealand Defense Force released over 2,000 pages of reports by civilians, military personnel, and pilots, detailing unexplained aerial sightings (UAS)

UFO group reports New Zealand defence chief resistance to, final release of classified UFO documents

As this reporter wrote Suzanne Hansen of New Zealand’s UFO Research, Support and Resource Network has publicly released official correspondence with Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae, Chief of Defence Force NZ following the decision by New Zealand’s Ministry of Defence to release previously classified details of UFO and extraterrestrial-related files.

Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae’s official correspondence indicates that he initially resisted release of the classified UFO documents, stating “’It would require a substantial amount of collation, research and consultation to identify whether any of that information could be released,’ and that he was not in a position to deploy staff to undertake that task, given other work priorities.”

The Ministry of Defence decision to release New Zealand’s classified UFO and extraterrestrial files was reported January 29, 2010.

In December 2009, fourteen months later the beginning of intensive communications with Ms. Hansen’s UFO group, Lt. Gen. Mataparae as Chief of Defence stated in a letter to UFOCUS NZ, “I am pleased to be able to inform you that two NZDF officers have begun the task of assessing classified files held in relation to this topic with a view to declassification.  I would expect that files which are transferred to Archives New Zealand would be subject to extensive embargo periods in terms of access by the general public.”

UFO document release follows MOD Dec. 9 letter to UFOCUS NZ

The Ministry of Defence classified UFO document release followed Lt. Gen. Mataparae’s Dec. 9, 2009 letter to Suzanne Hansen.

Ms. Hansen states, “A Chief of Defence Force office spokesperson advised, ‘The declassification of the UFO files is now a ‘work in progress’ in conjunction with Archives New Zealand.  The files must be amended to meet new requirements of the Privacy Act.’ The Defence Force will notify UFOCUS NZ when this process is completed later this year, and the research network will be given the opportunity of access to the files.”

Ms. Hansen states “UFOCUS NZ’s own archives contain credible and detailed UFO sighting reports from New Zealand pilots, air traffic controllers, and military personnel.  In addition, the research network holds sighting reports from members of the public who experienced significant UFO sightings dating as far back as 1908.  Some of these prominent cases were investigated by NZ Air Force personnel, and she is hopeful the MOD files may contain their reports.”

In a later communication to this reporter, Mr. Hansen stated, “The Chief of Defence originally supported the idea of declassification, but needed to confer with other officials regarding constraints and embargos.  Some files will still remain under embargo.”

Suzanne Hansen’s statementIn preparation for this article, Ms. Hansen submitted the following statement to this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre:

Hi Alfred

 Thanks.  I have written up the accompanying description a little better for you: –

 (1) During this experience at age eight, I was initially taken to a large room in which I ‘played’ with children of mixed species, using mind games to facilitate telepathic communications between us.  The interesting thing is that I could ‘see’ the objects being produced by our minds, with both my mind (thoughts) and my eyes.  You will notice a strange small bed in this drawing with a baby on it and a Grey beside it.  In another regression session, Mary Rodwell regressed me to when I was 6 months old, where I could see myself lying on this small bed.  I have nick-named it the ‘lullaby bed’ and a description of how and why this bed is used with human babies, and the technology involved, features in another chapter of my book. 

(2) I was invited to accompany a Grey to a room where I was to meet another ‘child’.  Here I am as an eight-year-old girl, during my first ‘official’ meeting with the ball of blue light, learning to relate to the soul of my future son through play.  The Greys ‘observed’ from another area of the craft to see if we would be suited. 

 (3) At age 28, I was taken onboard craft for a ‘merging’ procedure, where the soul of my future son would enter my body, and that of my unborn child, for the first time.  Two Grey-mixed-species entities comforted me, while a Grey began a procedure to lower my metabolism prior to the soul entering my body.



Images depicting Suzanne Hansen’s experiences aboard Grey ET craft

Images by artist Suzanne Hansen’s husband depicting her experiences aboard Grey ET craft can be accessed below.

Ms. Hansen writes:

Hi Alfred

        I have attached three drawings of the 6 that accompany the two experiences I discussed – you can decide which you would like to use.

    The first shows the large room in which I ‘played’ with children of mixed species, using mind games to facilitate telepathic communications between us.  The interesting thing is that I could ‘see’ the objects being produced by our minds, with both my mind (thoughts) and my eyes.  In another regression I did with Mary, I described being taught to project a hologram from my mind into the air in front of me.  (A chapter of my book, called ‘The Test’, is devoted to this particular onboard experience.)  You will notice a strange bed in this drawing, with a baby on it and a Grey beside it.  I have nicknamed this the ‘lullaby bed’ and it also features in another chapter.  Mary regressed me to 6 months old, where I could see myself lying on this bed, or piece of technology.

    The second drawing shows me as an eight year old learning to relate to the soul of my future son, the blue ball of light, through play – chasing it around the room while the Greys ‘observed’ to see if we would be suited. 

    The third drawing shows the two entities (mixtures of Grey and another species) comforting me as a Grey begins a calming procedure to lower my metabolism prior to the soul of my son entering my body, and that of the unborn child.

    I am very grateful to my husband, who is an artist, for doing draft drawings for my book.  I sit with him for hours in order to get them as close as I can recall to the real thing.

    Please let me know if you have any questions Alfred.

    Kind regards


IMAGE A – Suzanne Hansen as child playing on Grey ET UFO Credits: Suzanne Hansen


IMAGE B: Suzanne Hansen playing with the blue Ball of Light soul of her son on a Grey ET UFO Credit: Suzanne Hansen


IMAGE C: Grey ETs calming Suzanne Hansen during soul enmeshment aboard Grey ET craft Credit: Suzanne Hansen

Suzanne Hansen’s account of Soul interactions on board Grey ET craft

In her ExopoliticsTV interview, Suzanne Hansen starts by stating that at the age of 8 years she was taken by Grey extraterrestrials on board a Grey spacecraft and told that she would be meeting someone who would be “very important” to her in her life.

Ms. Hansen states that she had had UFO experiences with her family throughout her life, so that this particular experience was not that strange to her.

As an adult, Ms. Hansen began to have flashback experiences of this event with Grey ETs as an 8 year old, and contacted Mary Rodwell so as to hypnotic regressions and fill in the gaps in her memories.

Memories of visit with a “Ball of Light” on Grey ET ship 

During the regressions with Mary Rodwell, Suzanne Hansen recovered memories of being taken aboard a Grey ET craft as a very young child.  She was playing with a group of Grey and transgenic (hybrid) children. All of the play was telepathic.  She recalls crafting holographic shapes in the air with other children and playing with the shapes as toys.

At one occasion when she was 8 years old, Ms. Hansen recalls, a Grey ET whom she felt was holding something back approached her.  The Grey ET introduced her to a “Ball of Light” on the ship.  Upon seeing the Ball of Light, Ms. Hansen felt confused about the Light.

The Grey ET asked her to look under his eyes.  Ms. Hansen said that she felt three distinct streams of information coming from him.

The Grey ET first communicated that the Ball of Light was a friend, whom she would like to come and visit.

Secondly, the Grey ET communicated a full packet of visual information to her about the life of a child who was the Ball of Light.  Ms. Hansen recalls turning cartwheels on the spacecraft room floor as she tried to relate to the Ball of Light.

Finally, the Grey ET communicated to her that she and the Ball of Light had know each other at the soul level for a long time in previous incarnations.

Merging with the Ball of Light

Over the years after this experience as an 8 year old on board the UFO craft with the Ball of Light, Mr. Hansen states she became familiar with the soul state.  She developed a personal ability to communicated with persons who were in the after-life (or inter-life) and were in the soul state,

Ms. Hansen recovered the memories that, after her marriage and while pregnant with her son, she was take aboard a Grey ET craft.

On the craft, she recalls being escorted by a Grey ET (who was familiar because of his “frequency output”) down a corridor into a small room where she saw come unfamiliar medical equipment.

At that point, a shorter Grey ET came into the room, perhaps 4 feet tall, with the archetype of a “short Grey” and different in appearance to the other Greys in the room.

The soul merging procedure

It was at this point that a “merging procedure” began.

First, Ms. Hansen recalls, the Grey ET needed to retrieve some of her earlier memories of interacting with the Ball of Light.  The Grey ET placed one hand over her forehead, and Ms. Hansen saw visual memories of her communicating as an 8-year-old child with a blue Ball of Light on a Grey spacecraft.  She became tearful and emotional as she recovered these memories.

Ms. Hansen was then told that her son’s soul had been enhanced as a Ball of Light and its signature was more powerful and could cause her harm if a procedure were not undertaken to lower her metabolism.

At that point, Ms. Hansen recalls, about 18 Grey ET children entered the room to observe the soul merging procedure.  She recalls they were chattering away, telepathically.

The Grey ET told her these children, who were on the way to growing up, were called “Watchers.”  They appeared to be working with the Grey ET on a specific task.

Ms. Hansen recalls that at that point her metabolism was lowered.  She was barely breathing and her body temperature was very low.  Her voice was slow and quiet.

The blue Ball of Light then entered her body and the body of the fetus of her son in her womb.

Ms. Hansen recalls the metabolism of her body was then raised.

Information about her son’s future

Ms. Hansen recalls she was then given information about her son’s future, and about how the child would be educated both on board the Grey ET ship and in the human dimension on Earth.  Her son was to receive this dual education for the benefit of mankind, she was told.

I asked whether her son was aware of all this.  Ms. Hansen responded that her son as of this writing has no memory of being aboard the Grey ET craft.  The Grey ETs have told her that when her son is in his mid-30s he will recover his memories (he is now in his mid 20s).  Ms. Hansen has discussed this history of their prior interaction on the Grey ET ship with her son.  He now has abilities such as psychic capacity and precognition.

Who are the Greys and what is their mission?

I ask Ms. Hansen what her understanding is of who the Grey ETs are, and what their mission on Earth is.

Ms. Hansen states that she is aware that there are many species of extraterrestrials now visiting Earth.  Some of these species are working together.

It is a veritable minefield, she says, to understand fully what the mission of the Greys might be because some people’s experiences with Greys are fearful; some people’s experiences with Greys are transformational, etc.

Her experiences with the specific species of Grey ETs she encountered are purposeful and transformational, although she has had to work through a period of personal fear about the experiences.

Ms. Hansen says that her understanding is that souls are universal, and can chose to incarnate into a variety of species on different planets.

She says that a soul is a spiritual entity, and all of its incarnations appear designed to learn moral or evolutionary lessons.

Ms. Hansen states that she perceives that the Grey ETs cannot command the human race.  There is too much chaos on this planet (Earth).

The Grey ETs way appears to be to work with souls who are ready to incarnate on a planet and approach its people with love and education.

When I ask Ms. Hansen if she knows how souls are created and now it is that souls come to be on Grey ET craft, Ms. Hansen demurs and states she does not know.

Suzanne Hansen states she is preparing a book on her life and experiences that will be available in 2011.  For more information on her work, please click here.

Mary Rodwell’s corroborative interview

Mary Rodwell’s ExopoliticsTV interview above corroborates the events of Ms. Hansen’s recollection of her experiences on the Grey ET craft.

Ms. Rodwell adds case materials from her own research as an abduction researcher that is relevant to how human souls apparently have access to Grey ET ships in the form of Balls of Light.

Ms. Rodwell mentions the case of a 15-year old boy that saw two Balls of Light accompanying him during an encounter with Grey ETs.  The 15-year old boy stated that the Ball of Light were the souls of “Dad and Grandfather” who were at the scene to assure the boy not to be frightened and to let him know that everything was “OK.”

Ms. Rodwell comments that this case illustrates that Grey ETs are working with human souls in a very tangible way, although they appear to be different intelligences.

The Grey ETs’ job

Ms. Rodwell concludes by saying that her abduction research has led her to conclude that a specific species of Grey ETs job includes:

(1) Gathering genetic information and materials on humans

(2) Healing procedures on humans;

(3) Cooperation between interdimensional intelligences, as evidenced by the cooperation between human souls and Grey ETs;

(4) Deepening of compassion and love, healing ability, and telepathic transfer of information by humans.

Of the 1600 abduction cases Ms. Rodwell has investigated, approximately 30% involved some level of trauma to the human abductee.  The remaining 70% of cases do not involve trauma.

The medical and health inspections of humans by the Grey ETs appear to be for levels of pollution, toxins, and other harmful materials that relates to the planet’s problems.

Human souls common to extraterrestrials and earthlings

This reporter and Exopolitics researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre has developed a similar hypothesis to researchers Suzanne Hansen and Mary Rodwell that integrates extraterrestrials and the human soul and is based on empirical data.

The hypothesis corrorates and validates Ms. Hansen’s and Ms. Rodwell’s data and findings, and the plausibility and veracity of the case study reported in this article.

Based on extensive research findings in exopolitics, parapsychology, reincarnation studies, and hypnotic regression, this hypothesis postulates that an ecology of spiritual dimensions mirrors the parallel dimensions which science is now researching, and that include our known physical universe.

Empirical research on the inter-life demonstrates that a civilization of intelligent, evolving souls is apparently created in the spiritual dimensions.  These souls in turn evolve and incarnate into various human or other forms on diverse planets in the known physical universe and other planets, for purposes of gaining moral lessons.

This hypothesis is supported by replicated data from hypnotic regression of multiple subjects’ inter-life memories.

The typology of intelligent civilizations

The dimensional ecology hypothesis of the multi-verse includes a new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations, based on empirical evidence confirming the existence of the following typologies of extraterrestrial civilizations and extraterrestrial governance bodies:

A. Solar system civilizations: Planetary civilizations in our own solar system, such as the intelligent human civilization living under the surface of Mars that reportedly enjoys a strategic relationship with the United States government.

B. Deep space civilizations: Intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are based on a planet, solar system, or space station in our galaxy or in some other location in this known physical universe. An example includes the 10 – 100 intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that, according to a NATO report, have been visiting Earth for many centuries.

C. Hyper-dimensional civilizations:  Intelligent civilizations that are based in dimensions or universes parallel to our own and that may use technologically advanced physical form and/or transport when entering our known universe.

D. Extraterrestrial governance authorities: Legally constituted extraterrestrial governance authorities with jurisdiction over a defined territory, such as the Milky Way Galactic Federation, which has been empirically located in replicable research.

A dimensional ecology

The dimensional ecology hypothesis that concludes we exist in a dimensional ecology consisting of an exopolitics dimension and a spiritual dimension was developed after extensive review of research in extraterrestrial studies, afterlife studies, reincarnation studies, and the results of hypnotic regression to recover inter-life memories.

The scientific data support the existence of an “exopolitics dimension,” which has been traditionally been called “the physical universe”, and which consists of parallel universes and dimensions including our own known universe.

This dimension is called the “exopolitics dimension” because souls from the spiritual dimension incarnate into the exopolitics dimension for experiences as physical beings on diverse planets, hence as diverse “extraterrestrials”.

In analyzing data from a large number of cases regarding hypnotic regression from inter-life memories, Webre extended the hypothesis that a community of human souls is developed in the spiritual domain to show that the community of human souls is reincarnating in complex patterns as extraterrestrials and earthlings.  Hence human souls are common to extraterrestrials and earthlings.

What are the implications?

Our review of the impact of the dimensional hypothesis shows that humanity is being misinformed about the reality of its soul, of life after death, and the mechanisms of reincarnation.

Religions are a great source of scientifically erroneous information about the afterlife, based on texts which are apocryphal, and are yet are held sacred and a matter of faith.

Academic science prohibits the teaching of the reality of life after death, even though it is supported by empirical evidence. The scientific establishment thus perpetuates an erroneous view of human reality.

Religious wars (such as Christianity vs. Islam) are a result of this imposed ignorance.  Science can demonstrate the true nature of the soul and its life both in the spiritual and exopolitical dimensions.

We can foresee a campaign to return science to the study and understanding of the soul, and to the supremacy of understanding over ignorance, where the sciences can demonstrate the true nature of the soul and its life in the spiritual and exopolitical dimensions.