Message from Archangel Gabriel
Channeled by Cindy McGonagle, July 2015

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“Greetings Dearest Earth Souls…
The of the Sun and the Stars and Earth is so
very magical at this time of the year. Grand Celebrations around the Earth, a time of great awakening and blessings.
Take time each day to congratulate yourself for the contributions you have made to a healthier, happier Earth.
when you greet each other for such a simple act of kindness brightens your day.
As one family of light together acting as one consciousness your energy can make a significant positive
affect in your surroundings. Spreading words and thoughts of encouragement to those you with will help to raise the vibrations and frequencies around you.

in nature, appreciating the beauty that surrounds you even if it is looking at a flower or leaf can remind you of the wonder that for you on a daily basis.
By connecting with the energy of gratitude for the unfolding of good in your life. Every footstep you take is an to bless the Earth with love.”

Archangel Gabriel

Message from Lord Sananda
channeled by Cindy McGonagle

“Greetings Sweet Souls who are here on Earth contributing to the advancement of a unified consciousness.
Severe weather indicate continuing climate change around the globe.
Instead of buying into the fear of these storms and damage remember to send love to all who have been affected by these conditions.
Open your hearts to have more compassion with others who are experiencing trauma in their lives. Be kind to one another, leave judgement behind, and open yourself to being grateful for what is good in your own lives.

Nature is resilient and so can you be in your own lives. If something needs to be dropped from your daily life then do so and resolve to make better choices that allow your heart to be happy rather than feeling compromised.
Each day begins with an opportunity to express your creativity, that inner spark you came here to share.

We of the Ascended Realm are here ready for your request for our help to match your creativity to a passion that only you can express. Your gift to the planet, your legacy that uplifts the lives of others. your and fly like eagles in the sky, that can see with great vision, all the opportunity around you, just waiting for you to make the toward your expanded success.
Dream , plan and grasp the life you are meant to live; happy, healthy, loved, supported, abundant and helping others.”

Lord Sananda
channeled by Cindy McGonagle