Song by the Tree Ancients
by Gerald Kwek
They sing the old of plants kingdom even before walk on the earth.
They sing of their peservence, wisdom and old spirit of the ancients trees.
They sing in the of and in the ’s .
They sing in the rustling leaf sounds they made in the wind.
They sing for joy for the insects kingdom who thrive by their kingdom.
They sing of love to the animal kindom by the respect they given to only take what is needed.
They sing in we cant hear, but they sing in they made air for us to breath.
They glow in the way we can’t see, but they glow light especially during the night.
They grow to provide us in the ways we didn’t see or is it we chose not to see.
They came to us to save their kind, their kingdom.
For they will continue to sing for us despite their kind being dwindle in .
By the Ancients