By Mercedes Kirkel


This week I was in pain. Not physical pain, emotional pain. Something happened with my mother that deeply disturbed me. My mother lives half way across the country and was recently placed in a memory care facility. What was disturbing me was that I hadn’t been told where my mother had been transferred to and I didn’t know how to find out. When I realized all this, I became very upset.


The people who knew where she was weren’t available to talk with me, so I did some processing with myself around what had occurred. I came to a place of realizing that the people who had made this decision needed blessing. I couldn’t imagine them doing this unless they were under some kind of duress. I began to send them blessings and this actually brought me to a space of peace.


But the situation with my mother was still there and over time I felt myself sinking. It was really hard for me to not know where she was. I reached out to a number of friends to help me to get through my pain. Each time I told someone what had occurred, I could see the distress on their face. Obviously, they found the situation painful just to hear about. Then they tried to help me.


Different people tried different things. Some expressed anger toward the people who had taken the actions. Some explained to me why they thought those people had chosen to do what they did. Some told me their stories of similar incidents. Some offered me a hug. Some assured me it would all work out.


I could feel everyone’s energy and genuine desire to help me. But sadly, it wasn’t really working. Maybe a little, teensy bit. But not much.


Then I realized that I knew what I really wanted from my friends. I wanted them to help me open up to my feelings, or as says, “to embrace my feelings.” I was struggling to just be with my pain, because of the intensity of what I was feeling and my own habits of jumping out of painful emotions when they come up. I needed help to go into it.


Beyond that, I wanted help to find the inner divine qualities that the feelings were actually coming out of. This is Mary’s basic teaching about how to respond to pain, which she brought forth in Mary Magdalene Beckons. She said that whenever we’re in emotional pain, the emotions are showing us that we’ve gotten disconnected from our own inner divinity. What’s more, the emotions themselves are our guides, showing us how to reconnect to that divine part of ourselves (our inner divine qualities)—if we understand how to relate to them rightly.


There was no question that I was disconnected from the divine. I felt like I was in a black hole. But now that I’d had the light-bulb moment of realizing what I wanted, I had a ray of hope that I could get what would actually help me.


I chose two friends and explained that what I’d really like was for them to verbally reflect back to me the feelings I was having, which would help me to open to those feelings. They were able to do that right away. They readily reflected back to me that I was in pain and also felt powerless.


Then they went to the next step, which is really important. They made guesses as to what the inner divine qualities were that were the source of my feelings.. With my friends’ help, I was able to discern that my pain was because I was wanting connection with my mom. The powerlessness I was feeling was because I wanted to matter. (Not being told where my mother was had pushed my “I don’t matter” button.)


What I love about this process is how direct and streamlined it is. I actually think of it as elegant. Just by identifying the inner divine qualities that I’d become disconnected from—in this case connection with a loved one and mattering—that awareness brought the light of consciousness to shine on those qualities. As soon as that happened, my own consciousness of what I’d been disconnected from was sufficient to restore me to that divine part of myself. Voila—connected again! So simple, yet deeply effective.


At that point, I had the #1 sign that I was reconnected to my inner divinity, which I so often see when I guide others through this process: I came to peace.


Not long afterward, I received a message telling me where my mother was and how I could contact her. Hallelujah! I was definitely relieved.


I celebrated my return to connection with my inner divinity, along with connection to my mom. And I celebrated the step I’d taken to ask for what I wanted and receive the support I so needed.


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