Image by Dan Catchpole

Image by Dan Catchpole

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
In June and July, 2015

[Note from Mercedes: The first part of this channeled message from Isis was given to me at a sacred site known as the Seat of Isis in France. As I sat upon the stone seat, the sound of birds singing became noticeably amplified and I was reminded of the birds in the forest scenes of the movie, “Sleeping Beauty.” At a certain point, I realized that Isis was communicating to me about this movie. Below is the message I received.]


Isis: In the story of “Sleeping Beauty,” the king and queen represent Mother-Father God. Aurora is the Divine Child in the Feminine form. That the king and queen were childless for so long relates to how long it took for the creation of your world and humans by Mother-Father God. It was a tremendous process. Finally they were able “to conceive,” or manifest, the Earth and humans. All of that manifestation is the Feminine child of God, because the Feminine is God in manifest or concrete form.


The wicked witch in the story is actually me, Isis. I came to warn the people that the Feminine would be killed in the future. The fairy godmothers were also me. I added my blessing so that rather than be killed, the Feminine would be put to sleep. The patriarchy turned me, Isis, into the wicked witch in the story.


The spinning wheel in the story is the wheel of life. The prick of the spindle represents the pain of life. It also represents the first sex of a virgin.


The attempt to banish spinning wheels in the story didn’t work. This is similar to the part in the Old Testament of the Bible, where the pharaoh tries to kill Moses by killing all the first-born boy children. Or Herod tries to kill Jesus by killing all the boy children up to the age of two. It never works. You can’t control destiny by effort and strategy.


Mercedes: Why did everyone fall asleep?


Isis: This was by agreement of everyone involved. It’s the higher way, like the story of the Danes in WWII. In this story, the Danish king and people protected the Jews in their country from the Nazis by electing to all wear the required armband that identified the Jews. The story isn’t factually true, but it’s a beautiful illustration of this principle, where the populace shares the plight of all its members.


Mercedes: Who was the prince?


Isis: The prince was Yeshua. Aurora was . The Feminine draws the Masculine to her through love. The Masculine awakens the Feminine.


You are all awakening from the spell of patriarchy, which has put the Feminine to sleep for a very long time. The wicked witch was really the patriarchy, the Masculine in fear of the Feminine, masquerading as a witch.


Mercedes: Where are you, Isis, after the awakening?


Isis: You must find out.




[Note from Mercedes: The second part of this occurred about a month later. I felt called to do a special for Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day on July 22nd. As I opened to receive a message, Isis communicated that she’d like to clarify her communication about “Sleeping Beauty,” because she realized I didn’t fully understand it.]


Isis: You were surprised when I told you that I was the wicked witch in the story, weren’t you? I understand that, because you do not see me in that role. You see me as beautiful, and sacred, and magical, and powerful, is that right? But this is the challenge for many human beings at this time. This is part of duality, as you experience it in the third dimension. You see beauty one way, often as youth and a certain appearance of beauty that is pleasing to you visually. The witch in the story seems to be the opposite of that. She is old and dressed in black. Her facial features are unattractive and perhaps communicating her feelings of anger and jealousy. Her general appearance is one of starkness (as opposed to roundness and softness) and austerity (as opposed to fullness and abundance).


What people must understand is that the Feminine includes all of manifestation: youth and old age, budding fullness and declining emptiness. The Feminine is the entire cycle of birth-life-death-and rebirth. If you are to love the Feminine, you must learn to love all of the Feminine. This is the great lesson that humans have come to master in the third dimension.


You like youth, but not old age. You like ease, but not difficulty. You like pleasure, but not pain. You like beauty, but not ugliness. And so on. So by tendency, you want to embrace the parts you prefer and avoid the parts you don’t like. This avoidance adds fear to the dislike. You now become afraid of that which you are avoiding.


The people in the story of Sleeping Beauty are very afraid of the witch. She has power and they’re afraid of her power. Of course, the Feminine always has power. But the people are not recognizing her as the Feminine, truly as a part of themselves. Their fear gives her even more power. This is the story of the dark side, the dark Feminine. It is only dark because of your fear.


In the story, the witch is angry and jealous. These are two of the emotions that humans tend to be most afraid of. As Mary Magdalene has so beautifully explained on so many occasions, emotions are a central part of the Feminine, including all the painful emotions. Yet most people are afraid of painful emotions, so they try to exclude them. That’s what the people in the story were doing. They were excluding the witch, which ironically gave her even more power. This is what happens when you exclude something and don’t deal with it. You empower it.


So when the witch arrives she is filled with power. She is larger than life. This only adds to the people’s fear. Is this not what happens to your emotions that you exclude? When they finally come out, they are super-charged and larger than life. So your worst fears have come true. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The strategy of exclusion—trying to get rid of the parts of the Feminine that you don’t like—is a Masculine strategy. It never works. Yet many of you are deeply committed to doing this, at levels you are generally not even aware of. This has been deeply programmed into you as the only option you have. So naturally this is what you try to do.


The telling of the story of Sleeping Beauty is from the Masculine perspective. The evil witch, filled with anger and jealousy, was excluded from the party celebrating princess Aurora’s birth, because that was the only option available for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, according to the Masculine perspective. But it didn’t work.


From the Feminine perspective, the evil witch was simply the Goddess, not evil at all. She was the ageless elder, the being of wisdom, the beloved grandmother. She actually was not different from the three fairy godmothers, except that she had more power. From the Feminine perspective, the story would be interpreted very differently. She was the Goddess—who I, Isis, am also an incarnation of. She was coming to warn humanity of impending danger, that a time was coming when the Feminine would be killed, or at least that was the plan.


Emotions such as anger and jealousy always carry an important message that needs to be heeded and responded to. That is part of why the program of exclusion never works. When you are simply trying to get away from painful feelings, you don’t receive the gift they’re trying to convey. In this case, the gift was a warning about the future plan to kill the Feminine. On another level, it was a message to stop trying to exclude the parts of the Feminine that are uncomfortable or unpleasant. All must be included. All must be loved. All must be served.


Of course, if this inclusion and love had occurred, the witch wouldn’t have appeared in her “horrible” form, her dark form, draped in anger and jealousy. She would have come in her soft, goddess, vulnerable, receptive form of She Who Is Loved Amidst All. And the people would not have feared her or been repulsed by her. They would have loved her and been magnetized to her. They would have seen the beauty of her light and her soul, beyond the physical. This is the higher path you are being called to in the third dimension. This path will ultimately transcend this dimension and lead you to the higher dimensions, which are beyond the kind of dualistic appearance that characterizes your present reality.


In the story, the witch was included and her emotions were listened to, through her own doing. It took the power of her rage to make this occur, to overcome the resistance and fear of all those at “the party.” Truly, all of you are at “the party.” This party is an illusion. It is the fantasy of a world with only youth and beauty and the entire half of duality that you like and wish for. So the witch was waking up all the people at the party to their illusion. “Wake up beyond your clinging to what you love and pushing away what you fear. This is creating your real pain. Wake up to including the All, which means including and loving the Feminine in all her forms. I am the Feminine, too. I am old age and decrepit-ness, and darkness, and anger and jealousy, and raw power. You see me in nature and you are a part of nature. Wake up to loving it all.”


Once she was included, her helping, loving, soft side could come out. In the story, this was personified through the last fairy godmother giving her gift, which was that Aurora wouldn’t die but would simply fall asleep, until she was awakened by the kiss of a prince. This fairy godmother wasn’t a separate being. She, and all the fairy godmothers, were the personification of the transformed witch, the witch who was included and loved and served. They were soft and joyful and playful and loving. In the story they were characterized as separate from the witch, but this was a misinterpretation. They were simply a different side of the Feminine. The true Feminine includes all.


Your world is still afraid of the Feminine and still quite devoted to excluding her. Even your spiritual teachings often communicate that emotions such as anger and jealousy aren’t who you really are and tell you to leave them behind. This is a slightly more elevated form of excluding the Feminine, but it is still a form of non-love. It isn’t necessary or desirable to leave anything behind. Instead, love it. Listen to it. It wouldn’t be showing up if there wasn’t something you need to hear and heed. Don’t run away, even in the name of being spiritual or lofty. Open to it and receive the gift. It might feel painful to open to it, but that is the pain of penetrating a part of yourself that needs opening. That pain will help you and grow you to become the loving being you are destined to be. Avoiding that pain will only create more pain.


This is the hero’s journey. It is not to kill the Feminine. It is to love the Feminine. That means loving all the forms of the Feminine—her pain and dying as well as her joy and birthing and living.


You are at the point of awakening from the sleep of denying and avoiding the Feminine, trying to kill her. Are you ready to love her in all of her forms and greatness? This is not only your destiny. It is your liberation and freedom. It will lead you to the release you so desire. But it won’t be the release of escape that the Masculine keeps trying to orchestrate. It will be the release of the open heart in wholeness. It will be the release of the limits of duality, of the seeming necessity to cling to what you desire and avoid what you fear. It will be the release of duality itself into the wholeness of love. Is your soul ready for that? If that is what you desire, if that is what your soul longs for, if that is the music of your higher self calling to you, then you are ready to love the Feminine in all her forms. And that loving will guide you through.


So may it be!


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