What does it mean to “ Multidimensionally?” 14 July 2015.
8-8 Infinity of New Creation , 13 July 2015.

by Luminance River.

We prepare for the Lion’s Gate or infinity portal which occurs on 8/8. On this day a stargate opens to allow a pouring of cosmic energy from from the , our sun, the Star Sirius, receiving at the Sphinx and The Great of Giza which anchor this into earth, and we all receive New Light Codes from the Galactic Center which assist our and collective evolution for the next solar cycle. This Infinity 8 8 Portal Day initiates cities of light through soul coming together as pods, whether energetically, online or in . In order for the cities of light to come about, those who are in alignment to anchor the fabrics of these cities and the new earth are called to in sacred unity.