Image by Desiderius Lenz

Image by Desiderius Lenz

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 1, 2015

Question: How can I be brought into greater connection with my internal guidance and my guides?


: The most important connection and guidance for each person is your higher self. And everyone also has at least one angel, often more. If you haven’t yet connected with your higher self, you may find it somewhat easier to connect with an angel.


The simple path is to pray and ask for whatever you need to make the connection with your guides. Ask to be shown, in whatever way is right for you, which again is a very personal thing. You may experience your connection to your guidance—your higher self, your angels, or any other higher beings who are guiding you—in a very different way than other people do. That is important, too. You may already be being guided but simply not thinking that’s guidance. It is a process of asking. Ask not only to be shown your guides and your guidance, but also to be aware of what you are being shown, so that you receive it fully.


There are processes you can study that make it easier to connect with guidance. At the third dimension, because of the veils that exist here, it is typical to be disconnected from guidance. For many, it is part of their spiritual path to reconnect to their guidance. Some find their guidance naturally. Some have a natural experience, without any effort, of connecting with their guidance. But for many, it is a process that involves their spiritual path and spiritual growth.


As you move into the next level and dimension of reality, the fourth dimension, things are much lighter and it is much easier to be connected to your guidance. Most everyone has experiences of the fourth dimension even while in the third dimension. The most ordinary one is dreaming. Dreaming is a way that you can ask for help. You can ask to connect with guidance through your dreams. You can ask before you go to sleep that in your dreams you connect with guidance. That’s one avenue that can be strong.


People can also connect with the fourth dimension through meditation, prayer, chanting, or through physical things such as yoga. People connect with the fourth dimension through shamanic practices, shamanic journeying, hallucinogenic drugs, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and through remembering past lifetimes. In all of these states, it tends to be easier to connect with guidance. So an initial way for many to connect with guidance may be through these states, which are somewhat freed up from both the density and also the veils of third dimension, which tend to cause you to forget.


And you can study processes that allow you to access the fourth dimension regularly and which will support you, as well, in connecting with your guidance. Is that helpful?


Questioner: Yes.


What about music and dance? Historically people connected to the deeper parts of themselves through those forms and for some of us, that is the way we listen, feel, and know.


Mary Magdalene: Yes, that can most definitely be an avenue. It won’t necessarily be so for all. But for some it most definitely can be, particularly when engaged in a sacred context.


This is true of any art form. When people are engaging in an art form that they intend to share with others, they are oftentimes receiving guidance that’s directing them in that art form. So that can be a vehicle of guidance, as well.


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