Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 31, 2015

Relate to your body as a sacred temple, a beautiful manifestation of God. This is difficult for many of you who have shame about your body, feel that something is wrong with your body, or feel that it’s ugly or sinful or just not right. You don’t feel this way about a flower. You don’t feel this way about a pet. You probably don’t feel this way about your friends. So you must learn to love your body. Look at it with love. This can be done in front of a mirror, as an actual practice. You can touch your body with love. Perhaps there are places on your body that you’ve learned not to touch, and they are beautiful and sacred, too. Touch your whole body with love. Can you feel it coming to life?

You are a sacred healer as you transmit love, and you can heal your shame and your separateness from your self and your own body with love. Through bringing your love to your body, you release the blocks, and negative messages and once again let your light shine through your physical form. True beauty is of the light. It’s not about the composition of the form. The form is a medium for conducting light.

“Loving your Body, Sexuality, and Emotions,”
Beckons: Join the River of Love, p. 32


Question: I am reading Mary Magdalene Beckons and I just finished the message “Loving your Body, Sexuality, and Emotions.” In that message, Mary talks about loving your body and touching your body with love. I want to know about those who actually struggle with this, who find such things to be physically uncomfortable. Many people have Aspergers and are sensitive to physical touch. I am a virgin and the mere thought of sexual intercourse or putting anything inside of me is enough to make me almost vomit. Is Mary saying I’m supposed to just keep trying?


Mary Magdalene: Hello dear one. I thank you for your question. This is an important clarification you are requesting and I will do my best to help you.


In the message you are referring to, I was talking about healing shame relative to one’s body. This is a pervasive problem for many people at this time. It’s actually a spiritual problem, though many people don’t recognize it as such, because carrying shame relative to one’s body is an obstacle to loving oneself. And loving oneself is essential for growing into the place where you live from your heart.


Loving oneself means that you see yourself as a beautiful being. In fact, you are a beautiful being. Everyone is, because everyone is a manifestation of God, in your own unique way. Just as every flower is beautiful, in it’s own unique way, so it is with all beings.


Yet many people don’t feel this way about themselves. They feel that there’s something wrong with them, and because of this they assume that they’re not worthy of love. They don’t love themselves and they assume that others won’t love them because of their “wrongness.” Often this takes the form of not liking certain of your physical characteristics. You may not like your a certain facial feature. Or you may not like your hair. You might think your body shape is wrong. Many people think they’re too fat, or sometimes too thin. Some people don’t like their waste, or their hips, or their butt, or their legs, or their arms, or their stomach, or their chest, or whatever. There are endless variations on what people can find to not like about themselves. This sense that “there’s something wrong with me and because of that I’m not loveable” is what I’m referring to as shame.


What I was saying in that message is that people need to heal their shame through coming to love themselves. Accepting one’s self is a big part of coming to love oneself. I was suggesting two possible ways that one could practice this form of self-love. One is by looking in a mirror and practicing seeing yourself as beautiful, seeing yourself with eyes of love, the way a mother sees a child. Another possible way I was suggesting was to touch yourself with love, to practice giving love to yourself, and also receiving love, by touching yourself in a loving way.


I also mentioned that many people have places on their body they don’t generally touch. Usually this is because you received messages, often at a young age, that you “shouldn’t” touch those parts of your body. This contributes to the sense that there’s something “wrong” with those parts of yourself and that if you want to be loved, you shouldn’t touch them. Most often, these are the parts of your body that are associated with sexuality: the genitals and, for women, their breasts. So touching these parts of yourself with love may be a new and very healing experience for many people—to heal the sense that those parts of themselves are bad, or wrong, or sinful, or anything else, and to heal their own disconnection from themselves.


It can also be healing to touch other parts of yourself with love that you have disconnected from, because you feel those parts are wrong or unlovable. For example, if you think you’re fat and that your belly is ugly, then touching your belly with love can be very healing. Doing this can help to bring you back to wholeness, rather than disassociating from a part of yourself that you judge as being wrong.


In all of this, I wasn’t suggesting that touching yourself with love meant to touch yourself in a sexual way. Often the word “love” is confused with the idea of being sexual. Loving touch does not need to be sexual. It can simply be touch that communicates love, without any sexual intention or engagement.


Even if you were to touch a part of your body that is generally associated with sexuality, such as your genitals, your touch doesn’t need to be sexual. It can still be a form of touch that simply communicates pure love, without any additional intention to engage in a sexual way.


It is very valuable for people to learn that loving touch doesn’t need to involve being sexual. Optimally all people should learn this as a child from those who love them, such as parents. I want to be very clear that I’m not talking about being sexual with children. I’m talking about touching them with love, whether it’s hugging them, holding them, massaging them, cuddling them, etc. Of course, boundaries should be maintained that protect children from unsupportive touch. But touch is a basic human need. It is a form of love, a very direct and primal one.


All people should receive and know this kind of loving touch, without any kind of sexual agenda or imposition. On that basis, when people are older they can begin to choose to be sexual, adding sexuality to this foundation of loving touch. Then the touch can be both loving and sexual. It is very sad that many people become sexual without having this foundation of loving touch. So they try to touch in sexual ways that aren’t already founded in loving touch. Then it becomes sex without love.


Part of loving touch is being sensitive to the needs and boundaries of the one you’re touching. This is why loving touch for children would not involve sexuality, because that isn’t supportive for children. But this doesn’t only apply to children. It applies to all people. To truly be loving, you must be sensitive to the other. Your love causes you to want what’s best for them to be what occurs. And to know what’s best for them requires sensitivity.


In your case, you say that you are particularly sensitive to touch and the idea of sexual intercourse or any kind of touch inside of your vagina would be uncomfortable for you. So in your case, loving touch would need to include your sensitivity and boundaries. Otherwise it wouldn’t be loving. Perhaps in your case, touch would not be a form of love at all. I would want you to first and foremost respect and honor yourself and your needs and boundaries. Everyone is different. While loving touch may work for many people to heal them of shame and ways they’ve disconnected from themselves, I did not intend that as a rule or a “should” that everyone must force themselves to engage. That would only be more of the program of un-love, through forcing yourself to do things that may not be supportive for you.


Loving oneself is the most important gift you can give yourself. It’s the foundation of your whole spiritual life. Everyone must learn for themselves what their own needs and boundaries are and then love yourself by honoring and respecting those. I’m glad that you are aware of your needs relative to touch and sexuality. I urge you to respect those and love those. They’re part of the beautiful being that you are. Then it becomes a creative process to integrate those needs, such as receiving the kind of touch that truly feels loving to you, into the greater picture of what you need for your growth and wholeness, such as healing any body shame.


I hope this has been helpful and clarifying. I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing your particular needs, as well as your desire to grow in love. I wish you all the love in the universe, and I fully trust that you are on the path to find that.


With great love and blessings,

I AM Mary Magdalene


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