MASTER JESUS & Christ Collective July 11 2015 Part I and II
Channeled by Christine Suzanne Preston

‘Ascension Alert’ messages ‘channeled’ by Christine Preston whose sources have told her a of she has been accepted to act as a ‘messenger’ for the Great White Brotherhood. She says: I have discovered I had developed telepathic abilities when I messages from a being who to be Pleiadian in April 2014. Later a was first established with Archangel Michael due to my practice since 1981 of a to him (googe and also with my ascended twin flame, Andre, whom I knew when he was alive, and who assigned to looking after me like a gardian angel. I have also received messages from higher Beings such as the Master Jesus, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord , Archangel Raphael, Archeia Faith (Archangel Michael’ Twin Flame), as as Adronis.

Messages have been on my Facebook timeline (Christine Preston Swansea University) and CommanderLeon’s AshtarCommand website.’