Giving the water a .

To me, water is a sacred substance. Not only is it a vital component of , it is also an important carrier of information. So when I was given a clear message to begin to create art after almost four years of channeling written information, I was not when I was to get out my water colours and brushes. I was it was literally a way of “giving the water a voice”, to allow the energies in the water to interact with the energies I was channeling, and to make them visible through my creative abilities.

But this is not me creating art, this has from the very beginning been a process of channeling information in the same way I do when I write it. But this time, instead of writing down the I “” using the keyboard on a PC, I am using my artistic abilities to enable the water to interact with the pigments and the paper to convey an energetic message. And the process is just as intense energetically as when I channel the written messages. For I only make these images whenever I am being guided to do so, and when I open up to the energies to allow this information to come through me, it is just as powerful as when the words arrive.