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SaLuSa 21 August 2015

Having of the significant changes that are said to be manifesting at the end of September, you are cautiously it. We know that many of you are eagerly waiting to see what happens, when you will be moving through a higher and purer field of energy. Caution is wise in any event as with the best of intentions is given to you in all good faith, only for the to sometimes change. Many may experience this change and more are certain by the end of the year, including portals that will open and raise the consciousness of Humanity. We will not be unduly surprised as to whatever happens, as the changes are to take place very soon. More will certainly follow as the New Age begins to become established. However, do not expect too much too soon, as there is much to be done in particular to distribute the funds. Even by our standards it will take some to reach you all, yet it will be judged as an exceptional achievement by you. We have planned for this and are well prepared for what lies ahead.