Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 1, 2015

Question (from a woman): I’ve been working to accept the Masculine. I had a past life where I was a brutal, horrible man. I am aware that I need to heal that. I want to know how to bring more male energy into myself, into the female.


: Have you separated from your Masculine because of being afraid of incarnating the Masculine in the way you did in the past, where there was a lot of brutality to it?


Questioner: Yes


Mary Magdalene: You must forgive yourself. Forgiveness does not mean that it was all right what happened. In true forgiveness, you receive the lessons. You experience your mourning, your grief of choices that were made, whether by yourself or others. You also come to understand why those choices to be brutal were made.


Violence, brutality—it’s not natural to be that way. It always comes out of some form of pain. It is one of the protective mechanisms people use when responding to pain. It happens when people do not understand how to respond to pain rightly, when they have not been helped and educated how to do this. Your own brutality very likely came out of brutality that you experienced.


Forgiveness receives the totality of all of that, as well as the growth. The growth is at your soul level. It is growth you chose through those experiences. Perhaps in your case, the growth is of knowing that you never wish to do that, that you don’t wish to harm another being.


Then you must open to your wholeness. Ask for help to open to your wholeness in a different way. What will help will be your connection to the Feminine. The Feminine and the Masculine help each other.


The Masculine has suffered great pain, tremendous pain. Yet in this forced, unnatural dynamic that has evolved, of the Masculine being dominant and the Feminine being submissive, it has not seemingly been to the advantage of the Masculine to show the pain that they are in. This is what the Feminine will help the Masculine with. The Feminine will make it safe for the Masculine to show their pain. And the Feminine will help the Masculine to still see themselves as beautiful, strong, Masculine beings, even in the midst of their pain.


This is the great work that is ahead, that many, many, many will participate in. It is a great healing and it is a wonderful time that this may now occur.


So be it.


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