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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 1, 2015

Question: Can you elaborate on ways we can connect with the Feminine?


: Yes. The messages that I brought forth that are in the book Mary Magdalene Beckons are very much about that. You connect with the Feminine through your emotions, your sexuality and your physical body. There is wisdom and artfulness in all of these areas, so that they support your union with God.


The highest form of the Feminine is love. Your body, sexuality, and emotions all support you in becoming love, becoming seeded in your heart and living as love.


Many of you want to live as love, but you’re looking at the wrong factors. You look at an incident where you failed to be the loving person you would like to be. Then you try to fix that situation. Or perhaps you try to fix the part of your personality that you think caused the situation, or caused your response to the situation. It doesn’t actually work that way. You can’t form yourself into love in that way. You have to start with loving yourself.


These Feminine parts of you are calling out to you. The first is your physical body, You are being called to love your physical body. Spend time loving your physical body. Spend time being naked with your body, taking off these clothes, loving the body that you are. Do not endlessly berate yourself for not being something you think you should be or would like to be. Love this physical body.


Spend time healing shame, if you have shame about your physical body. If you think about taking off your clothes and having others see you, and you feel shame—and most do, you are not unique if that’s the case—that requires healing. You body is a temple of God. It is part of your Feminine, your temple.


You have beautiful pets that you’re in love with and you don’t feel the need, in general, to clothe them. Yet you don’t feel the same about your own body and its beauty.


Your sexuality is also your Feminine, especially when it’s used in service to love, and even more so when it’s used in service to connecting with God. Sexuality is always Feminine, because it involves energy, it is energetically based. Yet many of you control your sexuality in more Masculine ways—having your sexuality be goal-oriented, measurable, good or not good.


There is a process of healing for many of you with your sexuality. There is often shame connected with sexuality. In truth, sexuality is a sacrament of God. It is a beautiful gift of the divine, but so many were not trained to see it that way.


Beyond that, there is the whole practice of sacred sexuality, where you learn to open to the higher dimensions, open your chakras, use the sexual energy to feed the chakras, to bless and love your partner and yourself, and to open to God. That is a powerful medium of connecting with the Feminine. In today’s world most people engage their sexuality in a very Masculine way. This is one of the changes that people are ripe for.


Then there are emotions. You must learn to value your emotions. This does not mean to just be emotional, have drama in your life, and disturb yourself and others with your emotions. That is not the path. It is a path of skill, wisdom, technique. Fundamentally it is a very Feminine path of receiving the emotions, letting them do their work to take you to the place where you’ve disconnected from God, and reconnect at that place.


When you become strong in these three domains—with your body, sexuality, and emotions—you will have no question of what the Feminine is. You will be a shining light of the Feminine. These areas are not only for women, but certainly for men, too. In general, it will be more natural and perhaps easier for women to connect with the Feminine aspects of themselves. Just as for men, it is in general (though not always) easier and somewhat more natural to connect with the Masculine parts of themselves. But it is important that all are strong in both.


Most of you are so developed in the Masculine. You are well supported in that arena. It is the Feminine that needs help.


Does that answer your question?


Questioner: Yes, thank you.


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