Image by Chris Eason

Image by Chris Eason

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 10, 2015

Question: Mary, one of the hardest things for me is feeling helpless as I watch the destruction of the planet. I feel very sensitive to seeing trees bulldozed over and especially the animals. There are so many endangered animals. The wildlife and the domestic animals are treated with cruelty in many situations. Do you have any advice about this from your perspective in another realm?


: Relative to animals being endangered, they are simply transitioning to another realm. They are not lost.


The cruelty is another matter. The animals have chosen, volunteered, to come into these roles to help humans, in particular, to grow. The cruelty that is being enacted is an opportunity for humans to realize their misuse of power on many levels. The animals are even helping humans to realize their misuse of power in relationship to humans. The misuse is not always in the physical way. It occurs in many ways—socially, emotionally, as well as physically.


You must understand that resisting something is not a productive course. You feed things that you resist. You’re feeding it with your energy, your life force. Loving something is very different from resisting.


You certainly can love the animals. More importantly, you must love the people who are mistreating the animals. They are the ones who need your love the most. You do not have to meet them. You do not have to know them personally. You can love them spiritually, but very intentionally, very directly.


One of the great lessons of the third dimension is the lesson of power. Humans are still learning the lesson of misuse versus the proper use of power. Those who are misusing power are at an earlier stage. They need your help. They need your love.


You certainly can demonstrate something different relative to power and how it’s held. The more people do that, the stronger the new way will become. But it must be through love, not resistance. This is the way you transform anything, through love.


Is that helpful?


Questioner: Yes, it is.


I am curious about the animal spirit. I see so much of God in the animals. I sometimes feel them as children, but really as very wise beings. I would like more understanding of the spirit of the animals who are here with us and their evolution.


Mary Magdalene: It is true that they are spirit allies, just as many of you have animal spirit allies in non-physical form. Many, many of the animals are allies, teachers. They have come to support and help you. They teach you so much, if you are open to it.


Their path is different from yours, and yet interwoven with the human path. Many of the animals come from different places in the Universe, as do humans. Various animals may have differing amounts of time that they have been on Earth. When they are endangered or going extinct, it is simply that their soul contract is complete and they are moving on.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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