Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 1, 2015

Question: The changes that are going on on the planet and the violence in the world—to the planet, to people, to women—at times it feels unbearable. It’s felt like to take care of myself, I’ve had to put up blockages. It’s so overwhelming. Do you have any advice about balancing that?


: Give it to the Mother, give it to the Earth. It is very important to be connected to the Earth.


Questioner: (crying) It’s so sad.


Mary Magdalene: It’s part of your role to feel that. You help others who are blocked in their feeling.


Give your love to the Mother and receive her love through your skin daily, through the Earth, through trees, through growing food. This is most important for you and part of your work to feed the Earth in this way.


Questioner: (crying) I’m so terrified about the changes that are coming for people, for me. I know in the bigger picture it’s OK, but in this space it’s overwhelming.


Mary Magdalene: You are feeling for many. Many experience this without even knowing this is their experience. Give it to the Earth.


It is fine that you create different patterns for yourself. Many of the patterns that have been created in your world have been created through mass unconsciousness. You do a gift by withdrawing your support of those patterns.


Questioner: Commercials for drugs. “Take this drug and it will kill you, but that’s OK. Go ahead and take it.” Hundreds of those commercials. And then I judge.


Mary Magdalene: You must know that things are not as they seem.


There is a fork occurring in the river. Do not give energy to the craziness. Do not give energy to the darkness through your fear, through your worry, through any of it, even through your attention. Do not give it attention.


Give your energy, your support, and your attention to what you know is right, what feeds you, what connects you to your divinity. That is your work. And you help others through it, whether they know about it or not.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You’re welcome.


Things are going to get crazier. This is just preparation. You must be strong in what you choose.


This is your time now to become strong. Make use of it. You can’t be like a flag in the wind, blowing with whatever wind comes through. You must act out of choice. That includes choosing what you give your energy and attention to. That is what will create your world. When you give attention to your fears and your disturbance, you create more of that.


And do not to deny the emotions. If you allow the emotions to move you to the place that they are coming from, to their source, you will come back into peace and God connection. From there you can create with clarity.


Your fear is trying to direct you. It is your guide. It’s trying to help you find the reconnection you need. It’s telling you that you’ve gotten disconnected from a part of your God-self. Allow the fear to take you to that part of your God-self, so you can reconnect. Then the fear will be complete and you will not need it anymore. The fear will subside, because it’s done its work.


If the fear is still there, you have not completed the work yet. The fear is informing you of that. It is trying to help you find the place where you need to reconnect with your divinity, your wholeness in God. That will be your strength.


So make use of the emotion. Let it guide you to that place of peace where you’re reconnected to God. From that place you can choose, in your wholeness, the whole path.


Do not be concerned with the other. It has its own life, its own destiny. It does not need to be your destiny, but it is a choice. Does that make sense?


Questioner: Yes.


Sometimes I feel to blame for all the bad things that are happening. I see a dead animal in the road I think that somehow it’s my fault because there is suffering there.


Mary Magdalene: This is part of your healing that is still required, to heal the guilt. It is not from the animal in the road. But the animal is reminding you that there is healing to be done.


Questioner: I see.


Mary Magdalene: Some of the craziness that you see in your world is from very high beings who have come to support you. There are many ways to support. The outcome is already known, but the play must take place. And the contrast will get more extreme. It is part of the path.


So your strength is all important. That strength comes from your emotions. It comes from your body. It comes from your sexuality. This is why you’ve gotten yourself into this place to begin with. When beings deny these parts of themselves, all they’re left with is the mind. And the mind is like a feather. It can be blown in any direction, and is. What you are seeing now is what happens when huge numbers of people are so disconnected from their Feminine.


You are the leaders. You are reconnecting with your Feminine—not just because it is a good idea, not just because the Feminine is wonderful and attractive. There is very real work to do. The Feminine has a huge important role right now. It’s like childbirth. It is not a lark. It is very real, very important, and takes tremendous strength. This is what the Feminine is needed for right now and ready to do.


It is not just about wearing Goddess clothes, looking beautiful, and having men adore you. No, there is a very different path that is being called for right now. Of course Goddess clothes are wonderful in their time. And men do adore the Feminine, which is wonderful. But there is so much more that is needed.


Start with finding this path of your strength, through your body. It is not that you are trying to prefect your physical body just to have a fulfilled life of physical perfection. That is not the point. You need your physical body as your vessel, a vessel of strength. It is the same for your emotions and your sexuality. This is a call, like Joan of Arc received. It is a serious time.


I hope I have not scared you.


Questioner: Joan of Arc—look what happened to her. (laughter)


Mary Magdalene: Death is not the enemy.


Questioner: I’m aware of that. But sometimes being here feels much harder.


Mary Magdalene: Yes.


Questioner: I wish some of the veil was lifted, so I could see. I do trust things will be revealed when the time is right.


Mary Magdalene: So take the steps that open the veils for you. There is help.


Questioner: Take the steps to build strength?


Mary Magdalene: Yes, spiritual strength.


And be gentle on yourself. It has taken a very long time to create this world to be in the state it’s now in. The transformation is happening so quickly and that is not an easy thing. Be good to yourself. Be kind. Be gentle.


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