The concept of a Chakra goes far beyond a vortex within the body. It is a continual and ever-cycling system of transition between levels of maturity and growth. It applies to plants, animals, everything, and today, we’re going to look at how this pattern applies to a country.

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Sources: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Vol 2
by Drunvalo Melchizidek

Also, various sites on the web about the evolution of countries and how Ancient Egypt has roots for the biggest 3 religions.

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To attempt to explain some of the controversy around the comments regarding India’s Spirituality, please allow yourself a few moments to read the following:

India, for thousands of years, has been a land of devotion to spirituality. Their religion has always been a central part of their culture, it has been what made them who they are.

In recent times, since the British empire took rule many hundreds of years ago (as one commentor has pointed out), they have imposed their beliefs and cultural structure on top of the indians, changing the nature of the indian way of life and subjugating them in ways that were cruel and unorthodox. The American way of life also has focused solely on itself, rather than support for other nations, and thus the quality of life over there has continued to decline.

It is because of such actions, the western mentality imposing itself upon other cultures that changed the nature of the Indian way of life. Nevertheless, India was still a very spiritual place, and today though they may hate the westerners and what they have done to the world, they still have each other, they still have their families, and together, as a family, they live together and do the best they can with the limitations that have been beset upon them.

I hope that explains better what I was trying to describe in the episode.

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