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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 10, 2015

Question: Mary, can you speak about ways we can bring sacredness into the activities and moments of our daily life?


: Are there any areas in particular that you struggle with?


Questioner: I do things to take care of myself in my life, like earning money. But it takes time and energy to do those things throughout the day. Where is there time left for more healing or sacred work?


Mary Magdalene: Ultimately, the sacred is whatever connects you to God.


Hopefully, you’re engaging in daily practices that are helping you to connect to God.


In your daily life, there can be spaces of time where you get drawn into functioning in various ways and forget about your connection to God. There can be many reasons for that.


One of the biggest reasons, in the third dimension, is fear. This fear can be at a very subtle level, so many people aren’t aware that they have fear.


You may have fear that you won’t survive and that you have to do certain things to survive. While it’s obvious that some things seem more like survival type things, such as eating or having shelter, ultimately many of the things you do in the third dimension are survival activities. Work is a big one, but there are also other, subtler forms of survival. For example, one aspect of your survival might involve feeding your social needs, your needs for love and closeness in your life. Those are forms of survival, too.


The avenue that will help you in responding to your fear relative to survival is becoming connected to your Divine Feminine. This was the teaching that was brought forth in the set of messages in Mary Magdalene Beckons. That teaching was about connecting to your body, sexuality, and emotions. Initially you begin by becoming aware that you’re having emotions, including that you’re having this subtle fear. You become aware that your fear that is taking you away from your God communion that you experience in your practices. I’m assuming that you do experience a sense of God communion in your practices. Is that accurate?


Questioner: Yes, I experience that sometimes. It’s like little flashes and then it fades. It’s not a constant. I greatly desire the awareness of being in and of God, not so separate. I know that separateness is false.


Mary Magdalene: It is not enough to know it. It must be penetrated. The avenue of penetration is experience, especially experience through the Feminine—through your emotions, your feelings, and your body.


You will start to become more tuned in to what you experience in those times of God communion. You will become more tuned into what you experience at times when you have forgotten or have become, you might say, unconscious for a period of time. You will start to realize that something else was going on during those times you fell out of God communion. That something else is basically fear.


It is fear that’s the source of your separation. It is fear that separates you from your body. It is fear that separates you from your emotions. It is fear that separates you from your energy body, which most people have some experience of in those times of God communion. You must be willing to open to the fear.


The idea of opening to fear brings up more fear for most people, but that is the path. The fear of fear is much worse than the fear, as one of your leaders said. There is great wisdom in that. There is a passage through that.


Most people at this time, especially in the developed Western world, are very disconnected from their emotions, the two primary ones being sadness and fear. Opening to your fear is the journey. It is what you might call a heroine’s journey. It is a journey of opening yourself to what is and finding God through that passage.


I have tried to help with this process through the teaching I have given, especially in Mary Magdalene Beckons. You may need support in coming to understand what that is. Many people do, because many are so disconnected at this time.


The other thing that will help you greatly is to develop your energy body and your energy pathways. The energy pathways work in a different way and they will support you. You can undermine them with your thinking mind, with fear and worry. But they will tend to be more sustaining of your connection to the divine. As you develop those pathways, they will increasingly give you a platform for sustaining your God connection for longer periods of time.


Simultaneously, the emotions will allow you to go deeper and deeper into your connection with the divine, and deeper into releasing what blocks you. So your emotions and your energy body work in tandem.


These are the things that will be most supportive for most people in making this shift that so many long for, so many sense, so many can almost taste. Yet there is frustration that there still seems to be separation from it. It is a good sign that you feel this frustration. Allow the frustration, too. It is a sign that you are getting closer. There is movement, there is growth and opening, and you and many are getting more and more close.


It is a practice, a spiritual practice. It can be very supportive to find others who you connect with and resonate with, and with whom you feel their spiritual practice though their presence, their communications, and their actions. This can help you stay connected. This is the wisdom of spiritual community. The whole serves as a reminder and a support to all the individuals. When one person is struggling, there are others who are in their strength and can help.


Spiritual community is a great boon. It is what many find in churches. It is unfortunate that churches tend to be isolated to one day a week. But it does not need to be that way. In the past it was certainly not that way in many circumstances.


Find your spiritual friends, your spiritual support system. This can include your guides. It can include all those who help you on all levels. Make use of this help as much as you are able.


The other thing is to not be concerned. Concern is a great impediment to spiritual practice. Remember to have fun. Remember to be joyful. Remember to allow the process, which is allowing and trusting God. It may be very different than the way it appears when you look and tend to judge. It may be very, very different. Make space for that as well.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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