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You have just passed the 28th.September, a significant date because a number of events were either coming to a conclusion or reaching a . It did not impact itself upon you but in general terms has as you say ”raised the bar”, but as time many of you will begin to notice significant changes. Clearly the higher vibrating energies cannot help but bring changes about. Although your Press is and you do not get to read all of the important news, you will nevertheless note that the awakening of is spreading. You now question what is taking place on Earth rather than automatically accept what is placed before you. You are beginning to awaken to the truth of your existence, and see beyond the lies that are often presented to you as the truth. are souls on Earth working for the and they are coming forward to give you truthful accounts of your past, and what the future holds. We will never tire of telling you that you are great Beings of who are about to enjoy the awakening