Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Music: Thomas Newman – Ghosts (Aaron Static & Fort Road Remix)

Sananda – “It Is No Longer Seeing Is Believing, It Is Now Believing Is Seeing”!


It is to be here with you again this time, in this place, in this moment following the energy wave that swept across the . You have all heard of this. You have expected this and it is continuing. It is not as if it was a one-time thing. It is a series of , a series of energies that have been coming into the planet for quite a long time now. But they are in , in strength.

There is no letting up of this but understand that if the “Wave” had come in , you would not have been able to withstand it. So, it had been lessened quite a bit and needed to be. Because it was necessary for a great many people across the planet to go through this process. And go through it you have! There is no that many of you, according to Archangel Michael who spoke recently through another source, he said that 2+ billion people moved through this Ascension process. And I am saying also now, that is the .