by Shivrael Shannon Luminance River

The Eclipse day, for me was magnificent. I started the day meeting with a friend on Skype who lives in Scotland. Ann is a “ awakener” and has with all the waterways and mountains of Scotland to them to 5D. This was a huge job and too awhile. She worked with my crystals that I was bringing to the mountain for a ceremony later that day. Some big orbs including a golden one showed up on camera as I met with her, and she caught a of me and the orbs.

Global Heart Synchronization and Activating Light Bodies.

On this day, it was said to be an ascension trigger date, as in the first wave would be stepping into that state of being. The felt electric and heart opening, truly amazing for me. My friends and I were seeing the importance of global heart synchronization of all light servers across the , and also activating our light bodies. We were seeing the grid up. Meanwhile, a friend was in Giza in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. I was seeing her as a space holder for the birthing of new creation energies and saw her in inner vision squatting and birthing in the chamber. I saw all of us as labor support for the birthing of the creation energies, as chalices of light. And nobody is more important with anyone else. I saw the King and Queen’s Chambers come together as one representing the union of the Divine and Feminine. In fact, this turned out to be shown in a Divine call later this day with the healing of the Divine Masculine. Some friends and myself were given clues as to the unfolding of it all, and what would occur, and in fact it was remarkable to experience and see everything into place.