6 Cauac, 12 Tzotz, 12 Manik.

Dratzo! Various positive factors are coming together to assure that your blessings are to be received by you shortly. Our earthly allies have agreed to a time schedule, which is now underway. As we stated last time, a movement of funds to secure depositories has been completed. The next step is to see that these funds can be safely placed in their . Our liaisons report that these measures are nearly complete. It is the intention of our allies that you take possession of these monies as soon as is possible. Hence, the time of the various illegal regimes is coming to an end. Thus, those who have long done the dirty work for their bosses are mostly under house arrest. Major arrests are to become public once these scalawags can be safely transferred to special holding areas. The of this evil bureaucracy of bankers and vile businessmen are to be picked up when new governance is to emerge. Until then, we have restricted their formerly unlimited powers. The of the dark and its heinous manipulation of you are basically over! Ahead of you filled with mostly miraculous news!