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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On April 17, 2015

Question: How can we connect with all that is living on the Earth—the rocks, plants, and trees, and the night sky?


: This is most important.


It used to be much more natural for people to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky. You had an immediate connection to these very important forces because you lived in a much more natural way. But now people are much more insulated and you live away from these forces. Much has been done in your world that has separated you from Mother Earth and Father Sky and has damaged these divine beings.


Connecting with all the beings on Earth, as well as in the sky, is most important for your own healing and spiritual foundation. It’s also essential for healing Mother Earth and Father Sky. It is a two-way path.


Ultimately Mother Earth and Father Sky live within you. If you are not feeling directly connected to them, it is probably a sign of you not being fully open to these parts of yourself, specifically within your chakra system. If you are not open to Mother Earth, it is often a sign that there is work to be done to fully open to your first chakra, your root chakra, which is your connection to physicality in your own body and in all of manifestation.


There are practices you can do to address this. The initial practices that I gave for the book Sublime Union are very much practices of opening the first chakra, as well as other chakras. These and other energy practices are very valuable.


For many it is necessary to spend time in nature, especially where you are physically in touch with nature through going barefoot or touching the earth, plants, and living organisms with your hands or any part of your body. Being in nature at nighttime—seeing the night sky, sleeping outdoors— and getting in sync with the rhythms of nature are all ways you can open yourself and connect with the life around you.


There are meditation practices that can help you to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky and to maintain this connection. One is to practice feeding Mother Earth and Father Sky with your love. This is part of the healing that is so desperately needed at this time.


There is great work to be done in this whole area, but it is not difficult. If it is your intention, if you ask for this, if you open to this in your heart, your awareness, and your intention, it will be given to you. You will be guided to what to do and you can make an enormous difference.


Does that answer your question?


Questioner: Yes, thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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