Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 10, 2015

Question: I have a question about suffering and love. Sometimes people and situations that we love and care about are dying, in different ways. I have a sense that people can heal and change and transform. But sometimes you don’t know what those who are suffering are choosing, and often it’s really hard to watch them. What can we do in those encounters and relationships? On one level, everything is impermanent. On another, more subtle level, everything is ongoing. But we’re very attached to physicality somehow.


: This is the great challenge of this dimension. This dimension is a heartbreaking place.


If you have the idea that part of your purpose is to change the suffering of others, you will suffer.


Questioner: What about the nature of joy and happiness?


Mary Magdalene: That is a great gift of God. And so is heartbreak. Your work is to find God in the totality.


Questioner: We see horrifying things and it’s hard to understand why these things are necessary. Why must things be so brutal for us to awaken?


Mary Magdalene: It is not necessary for things to be so brutal to awaken.


There have been choices made. There are some who have incarnated in the third dimension because they wanted a level of exploration, without realizing the ramifications of that exploration. Suffering in your realm has taken on a life of its own, which was not originally intended.


There is a way out and many are on this path. But it does not mean that suffering will disappear overnight. There is karma in this realm—not simply individual karma. There is humanity’s karma. Many who are suffering have come because they are helping with humanity’s karma.


It is complex; it is not simple. It is true that you cannot understand another’s soul path.


And this is not forever, though it feels like it for now. There will be a time, in the not too distant future, when this kind of suffering will not be your experience, will not be necessary for growth, when this exploration will have come to a completion. Truly you are in the final phases.


Questioner: That’s why so many of us have incarnated at this time, either to help or to grow. I think many of the children that are incarnating have come with very special energies.


Mary Magdalene: Absolutely.


Questioner: They are bringing in something that’s really helping this path. Those of us who are older have more karma.


Mary Magdalene: You had different roles. It was a different time. You are doing a different aspect of the work. Be grateful; enjoy.


Questioner: I’m grateful to the children of all ages.


Mary Magdalene: Yes.


Questioner: And the babies who are coming in, some of these are incredible lights. It’s just remarkable.


Mary Magdalene: This is your future (she laughs), in many ways (she laughs again).


Questioner: Thank you so much.


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