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13th November 2015. Mike Quinsey.

Nothing will now that will prevent the outcome being for the Light. The dark Ones are being in check with their power having been largely diminished. It will not be too before they will be restrained and unable to continue with their plan for the imprisonment of the on Earth. As you may have noted, just recently many positive actions taken by the forces of Light are taking place all over . So much so that the Light is now the dominant force upon Earth, and revealing many of the secrets that the dark Ones would rather you did not know. The Truth is now coming out so that it cannot be stopped, and as Humanity learns how it has been misled they will demand changes. Many Lightworkers have been preparing for this time and are now able to work more openly without interference. However, caution is recommended as common sense is required to ensure that you do not over expose yourselves. There is certainly safety in coming together with other Lightworkers, but even so the dark Ones will be anxious to make their presence known to strike fear into you. Trust in the Light, as fear is the very that they feed off, and will try to stall the advances that are being made.