Selamat Balik! The message remains positive! Your is slowly . Those who rule the dark on this globe are truly in a state of extreme worry as the things they helped to create are fading into the dustbins of history. While these denizens of the dark realm slowly see that their time has come, they nevertheless remain defiant. Across this globe, there are actions of quiet desperation happening. These so-called terrorist attacks and tie-ups are just part of the of desperation that is currently permeating the dark oligarchs. Like many other operations, these are as well to fail. The Light in its numerous parts the upper hand and these ones are succeeding in readying the means to spread prosperity, a new monetary and system as well as create new governance for all. We are as well preparing the steps required to disclosure to a decades old official cover-up. This process is to you a whole slew of presently well- technologies. Humanity has had the privilege of men like Tesla to encourage the start of this new age!