Archangel Jophiel, December 17, 2015.

by Gulcin Onel (Mavinin Sesi).

When addressing your own reality in the mirror. Look deep into your eyes, what’s beyond what you can see, when the roles are stripped away, and leaving your masks, to embrace and accept yourself, to know, see yourself in the mirror. So far what you ignored, as flaws, but what makes you special, is only discovered when peeling off to a pure , embrace the truth what is found deep within you. And now take action. As you get to back before holding the experience, in order to what you have learned, so to pass into wisdom. Your facts aren’t quite enough for now, rather allow yourself to convey your inner guidance in your many actions. What if you want to be a master also, so develop and expand what you start out with, you have to embrace the reality that reaches out to you. A new job, maybe a painting, a song, a method never been tried, anyway, when you express what you have learned with a derring-do result with inner harmony, then the reality of which you are representing and your state of being finds a way to that which you are , and it will begin to . More than you know, the road signs are with you, ask, and ask for the signs, We surround you with the light that is all around you, let’s fill with songs. Follow the signs.

With love and Light.

Archangel Jophiel