Since I have released intel about the Cintamani stone, many pieces of this sacred stone have found their way into the hands of dedicated Lightworkers and Lightwarriors and will serve as transmitters of energies of compression breakthrough at the of the Event:
Selected pieces of Cintamani stone were put into many dozens of most key grid vortex points of the planetary energy grid to stabilize the process into the Event. This Cintamani energy grid around the planet is now almost complete.
Old prophecy says that there will come a time when the King of the World will emerge with his army from his subterranean to defeat the forces of darkness and usher the coming of the Golden age. This time is now. Cintamani stone will play a key role in this process:
Cintamani stone is an emanation of pure and is an manifestation of the purity of our Soul:
Very recently, a limited quantity of Cintamani stones was put on StratoProbe 4, a nearspace vehicle which I have launched together with my team. StratoProbe 4 has reached a maximum altitude of about 15 miles (24 km):
On its way to maximum altitude it took this photo of a small of extraterrestrial craft that were supporting our mission:

I have been guided to prepare another batch of Cintamani stones. Most of them, including some pieces that were aboard StratoProbe 4, are now available to dedicated Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. You can buy them here (please scroll to the of the page):
Together with my team I am searching for a person who is planning to travel to in the near future. We need one volunteer for a Cintamani- mission on that distant continent. If you are such a person, please contact
Victory of the Light!