By Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek.

Special from :

I am getting so many good reports on our transmissions through Garrith. Today Jane and Billie told me that Zorra says the latest messages from Archangel Michael and Garrith are right on target.

I have also just learned, through , who corresponds with Garrith, that is very short in South Africa – he is running on very short data allowance and has, at times, had to stop posting his transmissions.

I do not think it was by accident that we linked up with Garrith and these direct messages from the Federation.

I just sent Garrith some money via PayPal and Jose says he was very excited and hurriedly bought some data.

If you’d like to , and make sure we are not restricted to short messages, or a break in messages, here is Garrith’s PayPal contact:


Your payment will be acknowledged by another ,
but I have tested and confirmed that it goes to Garrith.

December 2 2015

Through our intentions is how we manifest Unity Consciousness.

As the incoming energies increase and manifest fully, it is important to focus our intentions more within, in aligning ourselves with the Divine Plan of our highest awakening, within who we are as .

This means seeing Unity and Oneness in all things; being of peace and embracing love in all moments and in all our actions.