By Shivrael Luminance River

How can we, as energy sensitive beings, be resilient in this world?

On one hand, our is a gift. sense intuitively what is best for us and what is best for the whole. We get amazing insights because we are energy sensitive. We have healing talents. We have intuitive psychic gifts. It us make decisions in our life. In a world that seems run by science and logic, every person on the uses intuition added to their logic as a way of understanding what they experience. Yet the world doesn’t intuition as a valid path of knowing, but it is.

The sensitivity that we have is a gift as we are privy to a whole spectrum of understanding that many have not cultivated yet. On the other hand, the gift of sensitivity is a , in that we deeply feel the suffering and emotions of others and the world. We take on and transmute the emotions of others. We feel people and sometimes we ’t know that we are feeling other people’s and thinking other people’s thoughts, and taking on other people’s stuff. We clear energy by being sensitive. We transmute negativity.