The & Ann By Ann Albers
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Angels My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate the ! It a beautiful upon your earth during the holidays, when the vibration of love becomes so much stronger. You think about those you love. You plan to share with those you love. You dream of times that you loved. And some of you even love by missing those you love who are with you now only in .

In any case dear ones it is also a time to love yourselves. It is very that, as the comes to a close, you treat yourselves with kindness. As you gift others, make the gifting process and act of love for yourself. Buy your gifts when you’re feeling the love. Get only what is within your means and if is within your means, share your heart. Share sentiments of love. Share kindnesses, gifts, talents. Giving is fine if you enjoy it, and if it is truly an act of love, but if not, it is better to live honestly.