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Question: I’ve been thinking of the story of Adam and Eve and I wanted to hear your version.


: There is a very great deal behind this story [laughter]. It is one of the messages I have given for the next book. Can you be more specific as to what are your questions?


Questioner: The story that I learned as a child doesn’t appeal to me and doesn’t seem correct. I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking the fruit of our beautiful world, enjoying that, and finding pleasure. So I was wondering what that mythology really means. How does it speak to us about the truth of who we are?


Mary Magdalene: There are so many levels to this.


It is indeed a mythology that was put forth. Yet there were also pearls. There were secrets encoded in it as well.


It seems you want reassurance that your understanding you have come to relative to this is accurate, on the path, and supporting you. Is this your question?


Questioner: My question really was to hear the truth of what the story means, because when I hear it in this one-dimensional way it doesn’t seem like it makes any sense.


Mary Magdalene: It makes a great deal of sense if you want to suppress people, control them, and convince them that they are bad.


Questioner: But what are the pearls from that story?


Mary Magdalene: The first pearl was about the serpent, which was the serpent power of kundalini. And the tree of life was the spine. It was about the process of ascending and moving into the higher dimensions. It was talking about the essentialness of the Masculine and Feminine being in union. The apple represents the Feminine. The apple is a symbol of the Feminine in many traditions. So it was the knowing, the embodying, the taking in of the Feminine.


Just as Eve was said to have been created to partner with Adam—that it was not enough to only have a man, it also required a woman—as well, it required the union of the Masculine and Feminine. This was the next instruction as to what to do with this.


It was all about awakening what is called kundalini in the Indian tradition. In the Egyptian lineage, we called it sekhem. This awakening was known in many ancient traditions. It was known in the temples. It was part of the mystery schools, which came out of what had developed in the temples.


All this was twisted and turned, as a means of suppression and control. You had the knowingness within yourself to say “No, this is not accurate.” But there was instruction being given, ultimately about moving into the higher dimensions, with the fourth dimension being the next dimension. This is what was practiced in the mystery schools.


For those who are ready and available for it, this is what is awakening at this time. Many who are incarnated at this time have this remembrance. Many have come back to be here at this time who were part of the mystery schools, who received this training, this consciousness, this awareness, this understanding. So many, and very likely yourself, are remembering.


But when you incarnate in this world, the veils close and the memory largely goes away, until you are spiritually developed. Or perhaps you have gifts that remained with you of being able to open the veils and remember, to understand the help that is being given.


So yes, there were most definitely great gifts in that story.


It is similar with your Bible. Much of it has been changed to a different interpretation, yet there are still gifts within it.


Is that helpful?


Questioner: Yes. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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