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By Mercedes Kirkel

In early May, I wrote a blog post titled AM I ASCENDING OR AM I DYING? In it I described some very dramatic experiences I was having. At the time, I wasn’t sure what had caused them, but my guess was that it was part of the ascension process.


It’s now about a month later and I’m a month further into the continuation of those experiences. I had no idea this would last so long, but it has. I’m now realizing this may not be a temporary state.


For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m referring to as “the ascension process,” it’s the process I believe is underway for all of us of transitioning from the third dimension into higher dimensions of reality. It’s what and Yeshua are most focused on in their communications to me and what they want to help all of us with. And it’s the focus of the new spirituality of COMMUNION™ and the channeling series I’m currently receiving from Yeshua and .


My symptoms over the past month have seemed to come in waves, lasting from a few days to over a week, and then receding until the next wave. During the wave, my energy body feels like it’s vibrating at a very high frequency and I have the sense that a very big energy is moving through me and altering me. I’ve likened it to high voltage surging through a wire. During those times, I feel confused and fuzzy mentally, and have a hard time focusing. My connection to my physical body feels rather distant. My coordination is off, food doesn’t agree with me, and I feel lightly nauseous much of the time. I feel weak but not sleepy.


On top of all that, during these waves I feel extremely sensitive. I’m feeling things much more deeply and they’re affecting me much more than usual—especially emotionally and energetically. Now I’ve always been a very sensitive person. Ask anyone who knows me and I think they’ll agree. But this is taking it to a whole new level, and it’s been quite challenging to integrate.


In fact, all of these symptoms have been super challenging. Over the last month, I feel like I’ve been “riding the waves,” doing my best to stay functional in the midst of it, and basically just get through. It hasn’t been easy. Many times I’ve had to let go of functioning in the way I was planning or thought I needed to be doing. It’s requiring a whole new level of surrender and trust—trust that every thing necessary will get handled, even if I can’t do it in the ways I’m used to or thought it was going to happen.


For a very functional person (me), that’s hard!


Part of what motivated me to write this post is to let everyone know that I’m not fully functioning in the third dimension anymore. I’m giving my official notice. I’m doing my best to honor agreements—especially my soul agreements to bring this work through from Mary Magdalene and now Yeshua. But I’m not “all here” anymore.


For example, I’ve noticed that I’m not keeping up with email correspondence the way I have in the past. I’m doing my best, but I’m noticing gaps where I’ve missed something or failed to respond to something. I hugely apologize if you’re one of the people who haven’t heard back from me. If that’s the case, please write again and let me know that I didn’t respond.


This is just one example, but it’s part of a bigger pattern. It’s part of why I’ve been asking for help recently. I just can’t do things like I have in the past. I hugely appreciate all the people who’ve responded to my requests for help. It’s part of what I see as Spirit showing me it’s OK to let go and that things that need to happen will get taken care of in different ways. Fortunately, it seems to be happening.


This reminds me of what I hear people tell those who are dying. They help them to let go and trust that everything will be handled after they leave. I think a part of me is dying. My 3D-self is dying, or perhaps more accurately metamorphosing into something else. Is this what the caterpillar feels like when it’s inside the cocoon?


The other reason that motivated me to write this post is because I don’t actually know “for sure” why this is happening. I don’t personally know anyone else who has gone through this and heard the results. I’m not in contact with others who are experiencing it right now. So I feel doubt about my own conclusion that this must be part of the ascension process.


I’m fundamentally a skeptic. I don’t generally believe things until I experience them, or at least know others—who I trust—who’ve experienced them. While there’s a lot of general talk about ascension symptoms among certain groups of spiritually oriented people, I often wonder if if what they’re attributing to ascension or calling ascension symptoms is really what’s happening, or if it’s something else.


However, my current experiences are reminding me of something else that I do trust. They’re reminding me of what’s called “kundalini awakening” in the Indian tradition. I trust that kundalini energy is real and that people can have very powerful experiences when it’s stimulated or “awakened.” This is because of my own kundalini experiences in the past, as well as reports of others.


If I relate to my present experiences as a kundalini process, then I feel more trusting of what I’m experiencing. While this may seem like mere semantics to some, to me it offers reassurance from a long-standing tradition based on many people’s experience.


It also makes sense to me that “kundalini rising” may be another way of describing or explaining the ascension process. My understanding is that the ascension process is shifting us from being primarily physically-based to primarily energy-based. I see kundalini as a highly potentized form of life-force energy that moves in a specific current or channel in our nervous system. When that happens, people experience profound transformations in their physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


That sure sounds like ascension to me.


So perhaps ascension and kundalini awakening are very related. Perhaps the kundalini awakening is the process and ascension is the outcome.


Somehow I feel relieved and reassured holding it in that context. I think it’s because there is a precedent for what I’m experiencing that’s associated with spiritual development and evolution.


I would love to hear from others who are having similar experiences to mine. I have hope that hearing others’ experiences would give me more information about what’s really going on, and offer support and companionship in the process.


Are you having “symptoms” or shifts that you attribute to ascension? What are they? When did they occur?


I look forward to hearing your responses.


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